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Interestingly enough, venturing into the woods in movies is rarely explored for reasons other than horror. It's not just horror movies that are suitable for a camping trip. Looking for what movie should I watch while camping or just like this topic? Here is our selection of camp movies on Netflix.

Best movies about camping

  1. Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

  2. If there was ever a summer camp I'd love to go to, it would be Wes Anderson's picture-perfect and quite charming Camp Ivanhoe. With the impeccably designed uniforms and meticulously crafted tents of the Khaki Scouts, it's simply enchanting. However, life isn't as tidy for Sam and Suzy (Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward) as they fell in love the previous summer and decided to escape together. The entire camp, along with Suzy's parents, the local police, and seemingly everyone in Hollywood with an Equity card, are on the lookout for them. This film is a beautifully crafted and delightfully absurd tribute to young love.

  3. American Pie (1999)

  4. What is the movie about camp in the 90s? This coming-of-age comedy, known for its raunchy and often hilarious moments, achieved tremendous success upon its release. It even paved the way for a popular franchise that continues to be in high demand. One Reddit user, HeyScoobz, recommends it as a great pick for a camping trip, stating, "American Pie".

    While the film doesn't revolve entirely around camping (although it does end with a big party at Stiffler's cabin), it still offers enough entertainment to complement a real-life camping experience. American Pie doesn't take itself too seriously, making it the perfect film to enjoy while spending time in the great outdoors.

  5. Addams Family Values (1993)

  6. These movies usually showcase the rivalry between the underdog camp and the snooty rich camp. However, have you ever wondered what the underdogs would do if they were forced to attend the snooty rich camp? Well, in this scenario, they would resort to drastic measures and burn the camp down while performing a play about Thanksgiving. Wednesday (played by Christina Ricci) is particularly captivating as she persuades the outsiders to unite and metaphorically roast their counselors. This revenge fantasy delves into the darkest corners of our imagination, and it is undeniably flawless.

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  7. Camp Nowhere (1994)

  8. This movie from the '90s may not be a critically acclaimed masterpiece, but it's undeniably a whole lot of fun. It puts a unique spin on the traditional concept and follows a group of teenagers who employ unconventional tactics when they don't want to attend a regular summer camp. They cleverly convince their unimpressive drama teacher (played by the talented Christopher Lloyd) to persuade their parents into paying for a fictional camp adventure. They rent an abandoned campground, but unexpected visits from their parents force them to improvise and pretend it's a computer camp, a weight-loss camp, and a drama camp. As hilarity ensues, this band of misfits learns to truly appreciate one another's quirks, while also gaining valuable insights about life and the consequences of poor financial management.

  9. The Great Outdoors (1988)

  10. John Candy and Dan Aykroyd, two comedic heavyweights, achieved notable success with this late 1980s film directed by Howard Deutch. The story follows two families attempting to find relaxation at a popular Wisconsin lake. Redditor lance9877 praises it, stating "The Great Outdoors". Time and time again, misfortune strikes the Ripley and Craig families, demonstrating their unsuitability for camping together. Watching this film during a camping trip would surely be enjoyable. However, for those with a fear of creatures such as bats, bears, or raccoons, The Great Outdoors might serve as a stark reminder of what lurks in the woods.

  11. A Walk in the Woods (2015)

  12. "A Walk in the Woods," a 2015 film, stars Robert Redford, Nick Nolte, May Steenburgen, and Emma Thompson. Loosely based on Bill Bryson's novel of the same name, the story revolves around an aging author named Bill Bryson, played by Robert Redford, who rebels against a life filled with funerals and retirement. Determined to defy expectations, he embarks on a journey to hike the 2,200-mile Appalachian Trail. However, to ease his wife's concerns, Bill needs a hiking partner. Enter Katz, played by Nick Nolte, an old acquaintance from Bill's past who reluctantly agrees to accompany him on this adventure. Together, they push their boundaries and face both thrilling escapades and unforeseen challenges, ultimately coming to confront the true meaning of life.

  13. Indian Summer (1993)

When the nostalgic Uncle Lou (played by Alan Arkin) decides to revisit Camp Tamakwa, a real place in Ontario, he gathers a group of adult campers to rediscover their youth and navigate the complexities of adulthood. The plot is fairly straightforward and predictable, resembling other films like The Big Chill, but the incredible ensemble cast featuring Elizabeth Perkins, Diane Lane, and Bill Paxton more than compensates for it.


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Camping movies can offer an escape from the ordinary and a way to have fun with friends. From Moonrise Kingdom to Indian Summer, there are many great films about camping out there that will provide hours of entertainment for your next outdoor adventure! So pick up some popcorn, gather around the campfire, and enjoy these classic movies about camping. Enjoy!

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