The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best 200 Amp Breaker Box Price

200 amp breaker box

The cost of a 200 amp breaker box can vary widely depending on factors such as brand, features, and installation costs. On average, a basic 200 amp breaker box can cost between $100 and $200, while a more advanced model with additional features can cost upwards of $1,000. Professional installation costs can add several hundred dollars to the overall cost of the project. Please take everything into consideration when shopping for these.

What is a 200 amp breaker box?

A 200 amp breaker box, also known as a circuit breaker panel, is a critical component of your home's or office's electrical system. It acts as the central hub for all your electrical circuits, distributing power throughout your home or office and protecting your system from overload. The 200 amp designation refers to the maximum amount of electrical current that the breaker box can handle.How much does a 200 amp breaker box cost?

List of 200 amp breaker box parts and accecories

Name Price Rating Type
Siemens PN4060B1200C PN Series 200 Amp 40-Space 60-Circuit Main Breaker Plug-On Neutral Load Center Indoor $282.31 3.7 Load Center
Square D - RC816F200C Homeline 200-Amp Main Breaker 8-Space 16-Circuit Outdoor CSED $417.37 4.6 Load Center
Square D - QOM2200VH Bolt On Circuit Breaker, 200A, 2 Pole, Qom, Color $138.97 4.6 Circuit Breaker
Siemens PN4040B1200C PN Series 200 Amp Space 40-Circuit Main Breaker Plug-On Neutral Load Center Indoor $235.00 4.5 Load Center
Homeline Plug-on Circuit Breaker HOM2200BB Branch 200 AMP UL Approved $350.00 4.9 Circuit Breaker
Siemens QN2200R 200-Amp 2 Pole 240-Volt Circuit Breaker $115.65 4.7 Circuit Breaker
Hamolar 3 Pack 200 Amp Circuit Breaker Manual Reset Wire Lugs Copper Washer $25.99 4.6 Circuit Breaker
LENKRAD 200 Amp Marine Circuit Breaker with Manual Reset Switch Button $31.99 4.8 Circuit Breaker
1P 200 Amp DC 12-400V Molded Case Circuit Breaker MCCB (2P 100A 160A 250A 400A for Choice) $72.49 5.0 Circuit Breaker

Features of a 200 amp breaker box

Some common features of a 200 amp breaker box may include:

  • Multiple circuit breaker slots to accommodate all your home's electrical circuits.
  • Main circuit breaker with a rating of 200 amps.
  • Ground and neutral bars to connect grounding wires and neutral wires.
  • Surge protection to guard against power surges and lightning strikes.
  • Optional features such as integrated AFCI and GFCI protection or generator compatibility.

Benefits of upgrading to a 200 amp breaker box

Upgrading to a 200 amp breaker box offers several benefits for homeowners. These include:

  • Increased capacity for electrical usage, allowing for more appliances and devices to be powered at once.
  • Improved safety and protection from electrical overload, reducing the risk of electrical fires and other hazards.
  • Compatibility with modern electrical codes and regulations, ensuring that your home's electrical system meets current standards.
  • Potential increase in home value, as a modern and reliable electrical system can be a selling point for potential buyers.

Installation options for a 200 amp breaker box

When it comes to installing a 200 amp breaker box, homeowners have two main options: DIY or hiring a professional electrician. DIY installation can save money, but it's important to have a strong understanding of electrical systems and codes before attempting the installation. Hiring a professional electrician ensures that the installation is done safely and up to code, but it comes with an additional cost.

Pros and cons for different installation methods

Installation Option Pros Cons
  • Can save money on installation costs.
  • Offers more control over the installation process.
  • Requires a certain level of electrical knowledge and experience.
  • May not be up to code or safety standards.
Hire a licensed electrician
  • Ensures that the installation is up to code and safety standards.
  • Reduces the risk of mistakes or accidents during installation.
  • Can be more expensive than a DIY installation.
  • Requires scheduling and coordination with a professional.
Use a handyman or unlicensed electrician
  • Can be a more affordable option than hiring a licensed electrician.
  • Offers more flexibility in scheduling and availability.
  • May not be up to code or safety standards.
  • May not be experienced or knowledgeable in electrical work.
Purchase a pre-wired 200 amp breaker box
  • Provides a plug-and-play option that doesn't require extensive electrical knowledge.
  • Ensures that the breaker box is up to code and safety standards.
  • Can be more expensive than other installation options.
  • May not be as customizable as a DIY installation.

Common mistakes to avoid when installing a 200 amp breaker box

Some common mistakes to avoid when installing a 200 amp breaker box include:

  • Not obtaining the proper permits and inspections before beginning the installation.
  • Overloading circuits and not properly labeling circuits.
  • Failing to properly ground the breaker box and electrical system.
  • Not following electrical codes and regulations.

How to choose the right 200 amp breaker box for your home or office building

Choosing the right 200 amp breaker box is important for ensuring that your electrical system can safely and effectively handle the power demands of your home or office building. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a 200 amp breaker box:

  • Type of Circuit Breaker Box: There are two main types of 200 amp circuit breaker boxes: main breaker load centers and main lug load centers. Main breaker load centers have a built-in main breaker that controls the power supply to the entire panel, while main lug load centers do not have a main breaker and require an external disconnect switch.

  • Number of Circuits: The number of circuits you need depends on the electrical load in your home or office building. It's important to choose a breaker box that has enough circuits to accommodate all of your electrical needs without overloading the system. 40-80 circuits are commonly available for 200 amp breaker boxes.

  • Indoor or Outdoor: The location of the breaker box will determine whether you need an indoor or outdoor rated model. Outdoor rated breaker boxes are designed to be weatherproof and can be installed outside, while indoor models are not suitable for outdoor use.

  • Brand and Model: It is important to choose a reputable brand and model of 200 amp breaker box that is well-suited to your specific electrical needs. Some popular brands for breaker boxes include Square D, Siemens, and GE.

  • Price: The price of a 200 amp breaker box can vary depending on the brand, model, and features. It's important to choose a breaker box that fits within your budget, while still meeting your electrical needs.

Is a 200 amp circuit necessary?

Whether a 200 amp circuit is necessary depends on your specific electrical needs. A 200 amp circuit is typically used for larger homes or buildings that require a significant amount of power. If you have a small home or office with relatively few electrical appliances and devices, a 100 or 150 amp circuit may be sufficient.

It is important to consult with a licensed electrician to determine your specific electrical needs and to ensure that your electrical system is safely and properly installed. The electrician can evaluate your home or office's electrical requirements and provide recommendations for the appropriate circuit size and panel.


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Upgrading to a 200 amp breaker box: what you need to know

Upgrading to a 200 amp breaker box can be a significant project, but it's often necessary for homes or buildings that require more electrical power. Here are some things you need to know before upgrading to a 200 amp breaker box:

  • Determine if you need a 200 amp breaker box: The first step in upgrading to a 200 amp breaker box is to determine if you actually need one. If you are experiencing flickering lights, tripping breakers, or other electrical issues, it may be a sign that your current system is overloaded and needs an upgrade. Additionally, if you are planning to add a large appliance or make significant renovations to your home or building, it may be necessary to upgrade to a 200 amp breaker box.

  • Hire a licensed electrician: Upgrading to a 200 amp breaker box is not a DIY project. It requires the expertise of a licensed electrician who is familiar with the electrical codes in your area. They will be able to assess your current electrical system, determine if a 200 amp breaker box is necessary, and safely install the new equipment.

  • Upgrade your electrical service: In addition to installing a new 200 amp breaker box, you may also need to upgrade your electrical service. This includes upgrading the electrical meter and service cable that connects your home or building to the power grid. Upgrading your electrical service is essential for ensuring that your electrical system can handle the increased load.

  • Consider the cost: Upgrading to a 200 amp breaker box can be expensive, with costs varying depending on the size of your home or building, the complexity of the project, and the location of the installation. It is essential to obtain quotes from several licensed electricians to compare costs and ensure you are getting a fair price.

  • Obtain necessary permits: Upgrading to a 200 amp breaker box requires obtaining the necessary permits from your local building department. Your licensed electrician should be able to handle this for you, but it's important to ensure that all permits are obtained before any work begins.

  • Plan for downtime: Upgrading to a 200 amp breaker box may require turning off your power for a period of time. It's important to plan for this downtime and ensure that any necessary preparations are made beforehand, such as stocking up on backup power sources or making alternative arrangements.

Maintaining your 200 amp breaker box

Maintaining your 200 amp breaker box is important for ensuring the safety and reliability of your home's electrical system. Some tips for maintaining your breaker box include:

  • Regularly checking for loose or corroded connections.
  • Keeping the area around the breaker box clean and free of clutter.
  • Not tampering with or modifying the breaker box or electrical system.
  • Regularly inspecting and replacing worn or damaged components as needed.

Upgrading to a 200 amp breaker box can provide numerous benefits, such as increased electrical capacity, improved safety, and better energy efficiency. However, it is important to carefully consider the various factors involved in the installation process, such as the cost, the electrical demands of your home or office building, and the various installation options. By weighing the pros and cons of each option, you can make an informed decision about the best way to upgrade your electrical system. It is also important to work with a licensed electrician and follow all local codes and regulations to ensure a safe and successful installation.

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