How to Keep Your E-Trike Like Brand New? Step-By-Step

How to Keep Your E-Trike Like Brand New?

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We've seen so many e-trikes these days that it's hard to believe that they're as new as they seem before. You might be someone who loves them, you might be someone who hates them, but no matter what your opinion on the subject may be, you have to admit that these futuristic vehicles are cool.

Keeping your electric trike in a good condition is key to extending its lifespan. To avoid your e-trike looking like roadkill after only a few rides, you'll need to be constantly on top of things. In this article, you will learn how to keep your e-trike in like-new condition no matter how often or how far you ride it.

How To Keep Your E-Trike Like Brand New

After carefully weighing your options and choosing an electric Tricycle, proper maintenance is crucial. A fantastic alternative for those who need speedy and adequate transportation for heavier loads is an e-trike. It's also perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a joyride through their community on a fantastic autumn night.

Like most other modes of transportation, its longevity is increased by thorough and rapid maintenance. Your e-trike could lose out on thousands of miles of travel, require costly repairs, and cost you money if you don't maintain it properly. We're here to help you get the most out of your investment. We developed this list of advice to help you keep your e-trike looking brand new.

Load Your Cargo Carefully

If you think of your tricycle as a grocery cart, you should be able to fill it safely and effectively. This advice is solely applicable to those who want to transport freight. For instance, you wouldn't put the bread or eggs in the bottom and the water on top.

Therefore, the thought process is similar while loading your items into an electric tricycle with fat tires. Making the proper loads helps you avoid losing anything and keeps the rider safe. Load balance is also essential for keeping your tricycle from becoming damaged. Stability is important in anything that has wheels. Thus an unequal load could put stress on the brakes or other mechanisms. Consult your owner's handbook for details on load restrictions.

Maintain The Battery And Charging Port

Many e-trikes come with an integrated battery, which you charge with an included charger. It's important to clean the charging Port regularly with a soft, dry cloth. This will help keep the Port free of dust, which can impede charging. You should also avoid overcharging your e-trike's battery, as this could damage the battery over time. It's best to charge your battery fully and then unplug the charger. Cleaning the battery terminals can help extend the life of your e-trike's battery. It's also recommended to store your battery in a dry and climate-controlled location when it's not in use. Extreme temperatures can cause your battery to lose power over time. You should also ensure that your battery is fully charged before each use to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

Check Tire Pressure

Too much or too little tire pressure can cause a puncture. Your target PSI may be written on the sidewall of your tire.

Think About Storage Demands

Maintenance also refers to your storage capacity. So while it's excellent to safeguard your investment with the proper cleaning and lubrication, you also need to ensure it's safe when it's not in use. Despite the high cost of these joyrides, many people nevertheless rely on them as a reliable mode of transportation.

New Tires and Lube

New tires are a great way to keep your e-trike looking and performing like new for years. Standard e-trikes can weigh as much as 400 pounds when fully loaded, so keeping your tires well-lubricated is essential. A well-lubricated wheel will help reduce wear and tear. For even greater longevity, you can choose to apply a thicker protective coating to your e-trike's rims. Consider applying a coat of wax to help prevent rusting, which can cause serious damage to your e-trike's rims.

Use Lubricant

Any area of your bike where metal meets metal, including the chain, brake and derailleur levers, cables, bearing systems, and other parts, has to be oiled. Never oil your chain without first giving it a thorough cleaning; otherwise, an abrasive paste will form, eroding the chain. When riding, use a lubricant appropriate for the weather.

Examine Your Brakes.

If you feel that your trike is no longer braking readily, please have a skilled bike technician repair or replace the brake pads. Brake pads are a crucial component of safe riding, both on and off the road.

Be Aware Of The Weather

As we just discussed, extreme temperatures can shorten the life of batteries, which means they can potentially harm your electrics. Your trike's electrical parts could become damaged if it continually freezes and unfreezes. Your tricycle will still work in cold weather, but maintaining it can take more work from you.

If you intend to store your electric tricycle in an area that you are aware gets cold, take care to remove the battery and store it in a warmer environment. The battery typically operates best in normal temperatures.

Maintain Your Adult Electric Tricycle.

Servicing your trike once a year should be plenty if you've had the guts to bike through the winter. If at all possible, start the spring season with this. However, there is nothing shameful about requesting a specialist to look at it. Think of it as the tricycle's yearly MOT.


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Tips For Extending The Life Of Your E-Trike Battery

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If you're into DIY, you've probably heard about and seen e-trikes. They're a fun way to get around without the hassle of a car, but e-trikes don't come with an engine. Instead, they rely on a battery to get their power. If you're looking for ways to make your e-trike run longer, you're in the right place. Here are three ways to make sure your e-trike battery lasts.

  • Storage Of Long-Term Batteries

It's crucial to keep your battery in a place that won't catch fire if you won't be riding your electric tricycle for more than a few months. You don't want to allow the battery entirely discharge because that will cause the battery to discharge over time. It is advisable to store batteries between 40% and 80% charged.

Every two to three months, check the battery's charge level and top it off as necessary.

  • Dry Off Your E-Trike Battery

Moisture of any kind is harmful to your lithium-ion battery. Always keep your e-trike secure, dry, and take humidity into account when storing it. We advise taking the battery out of your electric trike every few months to inspect the contacts for rust and to ensure that they are dry and clean.

  • Avoid High Temperatures.

Temperatures between 0 and 25 degrees Celsius are ideal for lithium batteries. Extreme temperatures should be avoided, whether they are hot or cold. A lithium-ion battery's cells reduce electrical resistance as they warm up. The battery will discharge more quickly in warm weather.

Batteries are happy when the temperature is lower. Colder temperatures increase the resistance of lithium-ion batteries. When not in use, keep your battery in a cool, dry location, and before charging it, make sure it is at room temperature.

How To Clean Your E-Trike.

  • Clean the tires and wheel.

  • Make sure that your E-Trike is powered off and not plugged in.

  • Remove the wheel.

  • Spray the wheel with water and allow it to air dry.

  • Remove the tire, clean it with dish soap and water, and use a soft bristle brush on the wheel.

  • Let the wheel dry.

  • Clean the body and handlebar.

  • Use a soft cloth and warm water to wipe down the body and handle.

  • Clean the chain with the appropriate lubricant.


Keeping your e-trike in excellent condition is key to extending its lifespan. However, because of the nature of the beast, usage usually takes a toll on the aesthetics. To avoid your e-trike looking like roadkill after only a few rides, you'll need to be constantly on top of things. In this article, you will learn how to keep your e-trike in like-new condition no matter how often or how far you ride it. Now that you know how to take care of your e-trike, the only thing left to do is start riding!

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