Get Ready to Ride: Varla's New Portable Electric Scooters Are Now Available

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Given the rising inflation and global warming, many people are looking for eco-friendly and cost-effective ways to commute. An electric scooter, in this regard, is one of the best investments you can make if you are looking for an electric, affordable, safe, fast, eco-friendly, and comfortable vehicle.

Keep reading the article to know about the best option for you in the world of electric scooters and the distinct specifications to look out for when purchasing an electric scooter.

Varla's New Portable Electric Scooters Are Now Available

While many automobile companies are turning towards manufacturing electric vehicles, Varla is the top brand when it comes to electric scooters for adults. And if you like keeping your ride comfortable, affordable, and efficient, consider yourself lucky, as Varla has launched its new line of electric scooters.

The Varla electric scooters have been in the business for many years. As the world changes, their electric scooters are getting more and more advanced with newer technology and the most efficient technicalities. Keep reading the article to understand why you need the newest Varla electric scooter and the specifications that make it special in its league.

How Do They Differ From Previous Varla Models?

Varla's new line of electric scooters are portable and indeed a big bang for your buck. As for the power, these scooters have hub motors of great value, ranging from 350 to 500W but offering peak powers of about 500W and 750W, providing optimal performance each time you ride it. With its double brake safety system - featuring a front electronic brake and rear disc brake - it's also one of the safest electric scooters for adults on the market. This sets it apart from Varla's existing scooter models and provides riders with the peace of mind they need while on the road.

The dual suspension in the Varla Falcon and comfortable brakes in Varla Wasp also help to provide a safer and more comfortable ride. With enhancing all the efficiency, the new Varla models have also enhanced the look of its electric scooters for adults, all the while keeping safety as its priority, by equipping the scooters with dual LED lights, a headlight, and a taillight that makes it visible for the rider to ride easily even at night. These are just a few enhanced technologies the new Varla electric scooters provide compared to their previous models.

Who is the Varla Falcon and Wasp Best For?

The newest Varla Falcon and Varla Wasp are ideal for youngsters who live fast-paced lives. As the Varla electric scooters for adults provide the best performance while being the safest commute option, they are best for people who are always on the go.

The 350W and 500W motors provide enhanced performance, while the efficient charging system saves time and does not let you be battery-less in a crucial situation. The Varla Falcon and Wasp are game changers as eco-friendly, safe, comfortable, and convenient electric scooters for adults.

Stylish Design and Eco-Friendly Features

Electric scooters are gaining more and more popularity these days because of their unconventionally stylish and fun-loving design. The electric scooters are designed to let you feel that fresh breath of air, the thrill, the rush, and the enjoyment while being safe and comfortable during your commute. On the other hand, the new Varla electric scooters for adults provide you with an ultra-sleek design where you get enhanced efficiency with a robust structure.

On the other hand, Varla electric scooters are free of any environmentally harming gases and fumes. Neither of these scooters executes earth-harming gases nor creates any noise pollution. Hence, if you are looking for a greener and more eco-friendly choice for your commute, you can't find a better option than the new Varla electric scooters.

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Performance and Riding Experience

Undoubtedly the foldable design is the best option for you when you don't want to keep carrying baggage with you or want something that takes as little space as possible. The other great thing is several enhanced technological equipment and advancement, dual brakes, and puncture-less tires that collectively provide you the best performance and an extremely comfortable riding experience.

Not only will you be able to reach your destination quicker with these new Varla electric scooters, but you will also experience a far more comfortable and safer ride than most vehicles do. The Varla electric scooters are specially made to travel smoothly on various terrains and offer little to no bumps or halts during the ride.

Stay Safe on the Road

Safety is the top concern of any person when they hear or think about a commuter scooter. A helmet, in this case, is the best safety option when riding an electric scooter.

All such accessories further help to make your riding, parking and maintaining an electric scooter easier than a conventional scooter. The efficient electronic and disc brakes, dual LED lights, and tubeless tires keep you safe on the road from accidents and mishaps. Opt for a Varla electric scooter now for a safer and more enjoyable ride.

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Are Electric Scooters A Safe Riding Option?

Yes, electric scooters are sometimes safer than most conventional scooters. Electric scooters are already a lot exposed to external factors, making them all the more vulnerable to accidents. This is why the new Varla electric scooters are made of electronic and disc brakes, dual suspension, dual LED lights, and efficient charging system to avoid any halt or accident on the road.

Are These Electric Scooters Foldable?

Yes, the Varla electric scooters for adults are foldable, which helps you carry them easily anywhere you go. You can fold them and carry them in a smart bag if you don't want to park them due to theft dangers.

Can The Varla Electric Scooters Ride On Difficult Roads?

Yes, the new Varla electric scooters are designed to ride and travel on difficult terrains. No matter how rough or bumpy the roads are, your Varla electric scooter will never dump you in your ride.

Are The Varla Electric Scooters Affordable?

The new range of Varla electric scooters is extremely affordable to buy. Considering the benefits and functions it provides, they are far cheaper than many conventional and mainstream electric scooters.

Can Anyone Use The Varla Electric Scooters?

People of all ages and sizes can use the Varla electric scooters. Any adult with any amount of lbs can easily ride a Varla electric scooter as they are designed to manage and maintain all kinds of body weights and functionalities.

When Are The New Varla Portable Electric Scooters Launching?

The new Varla portable electric scooters for adults namely Varla Falcon and Varla Wasp have been launched since 3rd March. You can easily see the specifications or buy them from the official website.


The new Varla Falcon and Varla Wasp offer you the best convenience, comfort, and efficient ride on the road; they are a must-have if you prefer an eco-friendly commute. You can check out the Varla website for the other amazing options they have in their electric scooter collection.

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