Flybird Adjustable Dumbbell Set

Flybird Adjustable Dumbbell Set

two Different 200 amp wires side by side

Forget lugging around a whole circus of weights. This bad boy transforms from dainty dumbbells to burly barbells, strapping kettlebells, and even push-up friends in a flash. Think bench presses under the stars, lunges lunging towards waterfalls, and squats so deep you will unearth Bigfoot's long-lost socks. All with just one, glorious, space-saving package.

But wait, there is more! These are not your grand pappy's rusty weights. Flybird's crafted these babies with eco-friendly, durable materials that are tough on workouts but gentle on the planet. The grips are coated in grippy, comfortable ABS that will feel like high-fives from Mother Nature herself. Please do not think I am a nerd from the way I write. But hey, I am a nerd. And the weights? Choose from 50, 70, or 90 pounds, so you can tailor your training to your inner lumberjack or wilderness warrior.

I have the 50-pound package, and let me tell you, it is amazing. I have other weights laying around my garage that I use weekly and sometimes even daily. These new weights are now my favorite and I will be going over some of the pros and cons I have found over the last couple of weeks.

Flybird Adjustable Dumbbell Set Options

Weight Option Product Dimensions Handle Diameter Barbell Length Package Dimension
50lbs 22.8"L x 12"W 1" 22.7" 23.2"(L) x 12.3"(W) x 8"(H)
70lbs 24"L x 12.2"W 1" 22.7" 23.2"(L) x 12.3"(W) x 8"(H)
90lbs 22.45"L x 12.6"W 1" 22.7" 23.2"(L) x 12.3"(W) x 8"(H)

Build Quality

flybird dumbbells build quality

When it comes to fitness equipment, trust and reliability are paramount. You want gear that can handle your toughest sets without flinching, and that protects your floors and belongings from unexpected clangs and drops. The Flybird Adjustable Dumbbell Set excels in both departments, boasting a build quality that is as impressive as its versatility.

Rock-Solid Interior: At the heart of each Flybird dumbbell lies a robust core crafted from a unique blend of iron sand and cement. This innovative formula strikes the perfect balance between weight and sturdiness, ensuring your workouts get the support they deserve. Unlike hollow or poorly filled alternatives, Flybird dumbbells will not wobble or feel unbalanced, even during intense lifts.

Protective Outer Shell: Surrounding this ironclad core is a layer of high-quality PE plastic. This durable material is not just tough – it is also eco-friendly and gentle on your floors. Whether you are training on hardwood, carpet, or tile, you can rest assured that your Flybird dumbbells will not leave behind any unwanted nicks or scratches.

Built to Move, Built to Endure: The secret to Flybird's adaptability lies in its innovative quick-change locking system which I will be going over in a bit more detail below. With a simple twist and click, you can adjust the weight to match your workout needs, seamlessly transitioning from light bicep curls to challenging shoulder presses. The secure locking mechanism ensures each plate stays firmly in place, no matter how intense your routine gets.

Peace of Mind for Every Rep: With Flybird Adjustable Dumbbells, you can focus on crushing your goals, not worrying about equipment like I used to do. The combination of a rock-solid core, a protective outer shell, and a reliable locking system guarantees a safe and effective workout experience, rep after rep. You can see the interior quality in the Build Quality section.

So go ahead, push your limits, and sculpt your dream physique. The Flybird Adjustable Dumbbell Set is built to handle it all, with the quality and care you deserve.

What about Storage

Forget dedicating an entire corner to a bulky rack of dumbbells – with Flybird's Adjustable Dumbbell Set, you can sculpt your physique without sacrificing precious square footage. This space-saving marvel needs less than 0.2 square meters, letting you transform your living room, garage, or even campsite into a fitness haven.

Imagine no longer tripping over stray weights or wrestling with a towering rack. The detachable design of the Flybird set makes storage a breeze. Simply click off the plates and tuck them away in a drawer or closet, freeing up valuable floor space for burpees, lunges, or even a celebratory victory dance.

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What's in the package?

flybird package

The package I got was the 50 pounds set. Here are all the items that were included:

  • 4 x Fixed Nuts
  • 2 x Dumbbell Bars
  • 1 x Barbell Connecting
  • 2 x Kettlebell Handles
  • 1 x Kettlebell Base Rod
  • 4 x 2.5 lbs. Weights
  • 4 x 4.5 lbs. Weights
  • 4 x 5 lbs. Weights

What can you create?

I was able to create many different combinations for different exercise routines. Below i will show the combinations that I chose to use most often. 

flybird dumbbell bar flybird dumbbell bar with weights

Easy Please

flybird fixed nut

You are currently looking at my Flybird fixed nut compared to the brand I have had for about 6 years. The one on the left is simple enough to take off and put on but the flybird does the same plus it is fun at the same time. 

Now I have not told you what i think is the most fun thing I find to do with this set. Nothing feels better than taking the fixed nuts off and then putting them back on. You just have to loosen it and then give it a quick spin and watch it rise or fall depending on the orientation you have set in. To me, this gives the same feeling as using a fidget spinner.


Having something so simple and easy to stay in shape is a must for the modern hopusehold. I would advise anyone I know to get one of these sets as I have been using them non stop. I love the fact that it is not metal so it will not rust or be discolored like my other sets.

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