Olympic Hot Springs | Full Guide

The Olympic Hot Springs

Olympic Hot Springs Port Angeles, Washington, 98363 United States

Olympic hot springs

These hot springs are getting more popular as the days go by. Visitors come from all over the world to enjoy the springs and many other offerings of this location.

These warm springs are a popular location for visitors from all over the world, however there are a variety of fascinating stops while you travel to the location. You could possibly try the 0.1 mile path to the gorgeous Madison Creek Falls which is like a picnic stop beside the Elwha River.

The roadway to the trailhead is primarily paved, with some narrow and rough areas however it is meant for all vehicles. At the trailhead, you'll discover a vault toilet and lots of parking for horse trailers, cars and trucks.

You're in hot spring area as soon as you're on the other side. Some swimming pools are right beside the path, others are a little more remote. Be sure to check the temperature level; some can get as high as 118 degrees when you discover one you like.

Can you swim in Olympic Hot Springs?

Yes, you can swim in the olympic hot springs. The water is tested daily to ensure it is safe for visitors to take a dip.

How long is the hike to Olympic Hot Springs?

The olympic hot springs trail is roughly 21.2 miles long. Then trail is best to be traversed from May to October and is considered to be a moderate type difficulty. The trail is said to be moderate but some hikers would label it as being difficult.

Can you drive to Olympic Hot Springs?

Yes, you can drive to olympic hot springs. The roads are paved and are suitable for all types of cars.

Olympic Hot Springs Map

Olympic hot springs map

How to get to Olympic Hot Springs

From Port Angeles follow the U.S. Highway 101 west that is around 8 miles to the Olympic Hot Springs Road. Next is when you Turn left and follow the roadway south into the Olympic National Park. Roughly 3 miles from Highway 101 you will reach the Elwha Campground which is very popular among visitors too. Continue your journey past this center to Elwha Ranger Station. Beyond the Elwha station, move a little bit right as Whiskey Bend Road will take you to the left. This roadway should be followed for 6 more miles to where it ends.


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The Olympic Hot Springs will make anyone want tio return. Give this location a try and you will not regret it.

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