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Jefferson Pools

Address: 11 Bath St, Warm Springs, VA 24484

Jefferson Pools

These pools are known to be at or around 98-degrees. Sadly these pools have been closed in recent years and have been slowly deteriorating.

The Jefferson Pools have actually been gradually degrading after it was closed in 2017. There are spaces in the wooden structure and it's been left unblemished for nearly 2 years.

They have actually got other names Warm Springs Pool and the Warm Springs Bathhouse. However, they are frequently described as the Jefferson Pools due to the fact that Thomas Jefferson utilized the springs as he claimed they had powers of healing.

Did you know that the Gentleman's Spa area is the oldest spa structure in the US? It really is sad that these pools have been left to just deteriorate as they seem to be some of the best holding roughly 40,000 gallons of water at any given time.

There are currently plan in place to restore these wonderful pools to their former glory. Here is the current plan that might be put in place very soon.

Jefferson Pools plan TripAdvisor

Someone showing their distaste of the current situation of the pools on TripAdvisor.

This was always stop for me when traveling in the area. It is shameful that the Omni Corp has no sense of history or local economics and have let the structures deteriorate to the forced closing of the pools. I am certainly not in favor of governmental interference but in this case the pools need to be condemned, confiscated, then proper historical conservation construction commenced. After of course Omni has the opportunity to do the right thing. Omni, do you not realize that this is a responsibility you took on and to ignore it is unconscionable.
— Bob K


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Hopefully the Jefferson Pools will get the attention and love they deserve. Maybe before this year ends we will all hear about the reopening of these pools to the public.

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