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ginnie springs

The Ginnie Springs is privately owned and very popular! It can get loud and crowded on certain holiday throughout weekends. You should be over 18 to sign up for outdoor camping, and please do not bring any type of jet ski as these are not allowed here.

This location is also known for its outstanding network of undersea caves, if you are new to scuba diving you do not need to be afraid of this wonderful scuba location. Found close to the City known as High Springs, Ginnie Springs' low fee for entry is well worth a day of expedition, relaxation, some fun, and marine experience.

The Ginnie Springs has many other recreational activities to offer. I will be going over these activities below.

Ginnie Springs Camping

You have the option of choosing between different types of camping at ginnie springs.

Camping tent sites are spread throughout the 200 acres of wooded land and consist of numerous spring and river sites. The majority of sites have a picnic table and a grill. Running water is offered on a few of the campsites. You have to decide which site best fits your needs. A First come, first served basis is set for sites that are primitive.

Why not camp in comfort?

ginnie springs camping

You can camp in comfort at one of the electric and water sites. These are some of the best sites to stay at as you won't have to bring your own means of electricity or water.

Ginnie springs camping reservations

  • You will only need a reservation if you plan on using one of the electric and water campsites. Reservations for these sites can be made through the Reserve America Website.

  • A 2-night minimum stay is required for the water and electric reservations.
  • Make your reservations at least 48 hours in advance.
  • All electric and water sites have a grill and picnic table.
  • If you plan on doing primitive camping, you will not need to make any reservations.


Check-in begins at 8:00 a.m.
Adult "Season" Rate $30
Children Ages 5-12 $8
Adults "Off-Season" Rate $25
Children Ages 4 & Under Free
Rules while camping
  • No pets are allowed.
  • Prices for camping are per night per person.
  • Prices can be changed without notice.
  • Sales tax not included in above prices.
  • Camping fees include daily admission into the park.
  • Prices might vary on certain holidays or holiday weekends.
  • Campers must be 18 years old to camp on their own.
  • Scuba diving costs extra.
  • Do not attach lantern s directly tio trees.
  • Do not bring any chainsaws.
  • Keep all campsites clean.
  • Grassy areas around the Devil’s Springs systems or the grassy areas around ginnie springs should not be camped on.
  • 12:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. are quiet hours
  • Keep noise at a low level.

Ginnie Springs Cabins

ginnie springs cottage

You will get a trip with all the conveniences of your own house when you visit the Ginnie Cottage. This little piece of tranquility is the ideal place to keep your family and friends together throughout your stay at the ginnie springs. This Ginnie Cottage is known as the best location to revisit after an exciting day experiencing the offerings of Ginnie Springs.

The cottage has a fully equipped kitchen to prepare all the different types of meals you need.

ginnie springs cottage kitchen ginnie springs cottage interior
  • There are 3 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms
  • You get Satellite TV
  • Air/heat conditioning.
  • Large deck and grill
  • Kitchen is fully equipped.
  • Washer and Dryer
  • 2 double beds, 2 twin beds and 2 roll-away beds
  • Linens are provided.
  • No smoking on the inside only.
  • Additional fees for scuba
  • Check-in: 3:00 PM
  • Checkout: 11:00 AM

Ginnie Cottage Pricing

Cottage Rental (cost is per night & up to 4 adults) $220.00
Each Additional Adult (per night) Season: $30.00, Off-Season: $25.00
Children From Ages 5-12 $8.00
Children From Ages 4 and Under FREE
Cleaning Fee $75.00
Security Deposit $200.00

Ginnie Springs Map and location

Ginnie Springs is located at 7300 Ginnie Springs Road, High Springs, FL 32643. You can zoom in on the map below to get a better view of the areas around the springs.

ginnie springs map

Ginnie Springs Cave

ginnie springs caves

The Devil's Spring System have 3 different springs: Devil's Ear, Devil's eye and the Devil Spring which is sometimes called little devil. These springs produce roughly 80 million gallons of water everyday.

Watersports At Ginnie Springs

Apart from tubing, you can likewise do canoeing, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding at Ginnie Springs. No drop off service is provided so you will need to do a little paddling upstream to get to the start.

Stand up paddle boards, kayaks and canoes can all be rented for $12 for a total of 3 hours. The cost will be $20 if you want to rent it for an extra 3 hours.

Santa Fe River Tubing

The Santa Fe River is great for tubing. Take a tube and travel down this great river. You will get to see the whole park while you tube and that's always great to see.

Snorkeling and Swimming

The waters in and around Ginnie Springs stays at or close to 72 degrees year round. You can rent fins, masks, and snorkels can be rented from the Ginnie Springs Store. During early fall and in summer, snorkeling is great as the water gets very clear. You will be able to see bass, turtles, large gar, catfish, mullet and many more. Whenever you decide to navigate the Santa Fe River, it is state law that you should at all times have a float and a flag with you.

Hours during summer

  • Monday-Thursday 8am-7pm
  • Friday and Saturday 8am-10pm
  • Sunday 8am-8pm

Hours during winter

  • Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm
  • Friday and Saturday 8am-8pm
  • Sunday 8am-6pm


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The Ginnie springs has so much to offer. It's just up to us to go there and choose which offerings we will choose. Make the trip to this location and you will never be disappointed.

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