Why Are Electric Bike Speeds Limited?

When you hear the name e-bike, speed is the first thing that comes to mind. If you have used an e-bike then you know they're quite fast for a bicycle. Just so you know, electric bikes have a speed limiter of 15 to 20 MPH from the manufacturer's end. Why is that? As you know, there are different types of vehicleson the road. E-bike's speed is limited to differentiate it from the other vehicles on the road.

However, There are e-bikes that go up to 50 to 64 MPH. However, they're meant for off-road rides. The e-bikes that have more than 20 MPH speed, are not legally approved on a regular road.

How Fast Can An Electric Bike Go?

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The electric bike is also known as an e-bike and is divided into 3 different classes, from class 1 to 3. Each class has different speed limits per hour. Such as:

  • Class-1: 15 to 20 MPH (32km/h)

  • Class-2: 20 MPH (32km/h)

  • Class-3: 28 MPH (45km/h)

Just so you know, an electric bike's speed depends not only on its battery but also on its rear/front motor as well. E-bike motors come in different power 250w, 500w, and 750w, and different classes use different powered motors, which leads to their speed limit.

However, there's another class that exceeds the previous class's speed with the help of a powerful motor, 750w and above. Although they're not legally approved for regular roads, only for off-road rides, races, etc.

Reasons Behind An E-Bike's Limited Speed

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By this point, you know that your e-bike's speed is limited, which means it isn't used to its full potential. But this certain limit up to 20 MPH makes you wonder why this speed limit exists, right? Well, we're here to answer this question. In the following segments, we'll have a brief discussion about the reasons behind an electric bike's speed limit. Let's begin, shall we?

Differentiating From Other Vehicles

As you know there are different types of vehicles on the road, each of these vehicles, whether it's a car or a motorcycle has its own speed limit. Each of these vehicles has a legal speed limit that can't be exceeded. These speed limit differences are also there to differentiate between different transportation methods such as cars, buses, motorcycles, and e-bikes. It helps to maintain certain laws and order in the transportation system.

Legal Issues

Any motorized vehicle whether it's a two-wheeler or four, every country has a certain speed restriction for them. And for an electric bike, it's up to 20 MPH. Just so you know, in certain parts of European countries the speed limit is 15 MPH. It's the average speed a regular bicycle rider can ride up to 12 MPH at best. Unless they're professional riders, in which case the speed depends on the rider. That's why electric bike manufacturers build bikes abiding by the law and put a limit on each electric bike which can go up 15 to 20 MPH.

Better Safety

Yes, it's true the higher the speed, the more fun it's to ride. However, it's also true high-speed e-bikes cause more accidents than regular-speed e-bikes. Because any e-bike above 20 MPH is much harder to control and more likely to lose control and cause severe accidents to the rider. So for better safety for riders all over the world this speed limit was set. Note- Indeed it's possible to overcome your e-bike speed limiter, however, if you do breach the limiter you won't be able to ride the e-bike on a regular road. Because it'll be illegal and you'll face the necessary punishment.

Limited Speed On Electric Bikes- Is It Enough?

Although e-bikes speed is limited to a certain point, 20 MPH is much faster than you tend to think. As we mentioned earlier, on a regular mountain bike you can reach up to 12 MPH which is more than enough to go from point A to point B. So with an e-bike 20 MPH is without question enough for a regular day ride. And if you wish to go higher speed then you could paddle faster.

Tips To Make Your E-Bike Faster?

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Although it's true that your e-bike speed is limited to a certain level, what if we say that you can make it go faster just by following a few tips. In this segment, we've prepared a few tips which will help you make your life much faster than it was before without breaking any law.

  • Keeping your E-bike at a higher charged level is a good way to provide more voltage, thus making your e-bike faster than its usual speed.

  • By changing your e-bike's battery voltage capacity you can make your e-bike 50% faster.

  • Swapping out the motor with a more powerful one is another way to increase your e-bike's speed.

  • If you switch from knobby tires to more smoother tires then it makes your bike's tire resistance lower and makes your bike faster.

  • Next, if you keep your tires at higher pressure, it reduces the tire resistance and helps increase your e-bike's speed.

    These are some of the common tips to increase your e-bike's speed. You can also follow these extra tips to make your bike faster.


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So now you know, there are reasons why your e-bike has a certain speed limit. Unless you want to break your country's transportation law, you won't try to overcome the speed limit for your e-bike. Although by following our above-mentioned tips, you can make your e-bike faster without breaking any sort of law. However, don't forget to wear proper protective gears while you're riding your e-bikes. Good luck.

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