Essentials You need for camping or traveling

Essentials you need for your camping trip

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Here are some lists of things to pack when you are going on the road with your rv. Sometimes we just get up and want to go on a road trip. But doing things without careful thought can cause problems. Nobody wants to leave for a roadtrip and not have the essentials.

This first list is all you need for sanitization and hygiene while camping.

  1. Towels
  2. Laundry soap
  3. Tissues, bathroom tissue
  4. Short handled broom and dustpan
  5. Short handled mop/bucket
  6. Rags, shop towels
  7. Large and small garbage bags
  8. Dish cloth, towels, scrub pad
  9. Plastic washing bin
  10. Soap, shampoo, dish soap, laundry soap, pre soak.
  11. Cleaning solution
  12. Hand sanitizer, hand wipes

Things you need for campfires and cooking

cooking utensilscooking pots
  1. Cooking utensils
  2. Pans and pots
  3. Coffee pot, teapot
  4. Firewood
  5. Skewers
  6. cooler
  7. Timer
  8. Plastic bags
  9. Hand Towels
  10. Gloves
  11. Oven mitts, pot holders
  12. Table cloths
  13. Portable Propane Gas Grill , camp stove, grill for campfire cooking
  14. Fuel for BBQ, stove, charcoal
  15. Plates
  16. Mugs
  17. Cups
  18. Firestarter, fat sticks
  19. Long handled lighter, matches
  20. Any type of newspaper
  21. Weiner sticks, popcorn popper
  22. Other campfire cooking tools
  23. Knives
  24. Spoon
  25. Toothpicks

Do not forget to pack these in the trailer

  1. Dress shirts
  2. Casual shirts
  3. Jeans
  4. Pants
  5. Underwear
  6. Socks/stockings
  7. Undershirts/bras
  8. Sleepwear
  9. T-shirts
  10. Shorts
  11. Dresses
  12. Gloves
  13. Scarves
  14. Umbrella
  15. Laundry kit
  16. Laundry bag
  17. Skirts
  18. Sweaters/sweatshirts
  19. Suits
  20. Swimsuits/cover-ups
  21. Coats/jackets/rainwear
  22. Hats
  23. Leisure shoes
  24. Sandals/flip-flops
  25. Belts
  26. Ties
  27. Hiking/athletic shoes
  28. Snow/rain boots
  29. Dress shoes
  30. Jewelry
  31. Purses
  32. Collapsible totes
  33. Under-clothing document holders

These Miscellaneous items will come in handy

cellphones and memory cardscellphone chargers
  1. Cell phone
  2. memory card
  3. List of medications
  4. Emergency contacts
  5. Laptop/tablet
  6. Electronics chargers
  7. Voltage adapter

Good things to have for first aid

bug Repellantpain pills
  1. Antibacterial wipes/gel
  2. Bug Repellant
  3. Prescription Medication
  4. Travel-size Tissue Packet
  5. Digestion Tablets
  6. Upset Stomach Medication
  7. Allergy Pills
  8. Contact Solution
  9. Pain Relievers
  10. Band-aids
  11. Motion Sickness Tablets
  12. Travel Size Sewing Kit

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