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What is Glamping and the different types.

glamping tent with lights

Glamping is just short for glamorous camping. It is a luxurious way to experience the untamed outdoors and the completely vibrant parts of the globe. It has gotten more popular over the past decade as it has appealed to more and more people. This type of camping can be camping cabins, tree houses, safari tents, yurts, teepees, or any place with creature comforts. This has become one of my favorite types of camping as it has made packing up less stressful after a vacation. Below is a list of the different types of glamping.

Glamping is where the extraordinary nature meets modern-day deluxe. Glamping is the luxury of not needing to give up our everyday conveniences.

The way we travel has actually changed. We no longer desire a generic, one rv fits all type of vacation. We intend to always want to submerse ourselves in the surrounding culture, and also we now would rather experience nature rather than see it on our many different types of screens. A combination of camping and glamour, glamping is a great way to experience the most awe-inspiring locations around the globe.

Different types of glamping

  1. Tree house glamping
  2. two separate treehouses that are used for glamping

    This type of glamping appeals to kids and the kid at heart. These are usually modern treehouses with all the bells and whistles to keep you happy. A treehouse camp is a perfect getaway for the whole family. Just like when we were all kids and loved having tree houses, these types of getaways will appeal to all who want to remember their younger days.

  3. Camping Cabin glamping
  4. cabin glamping with trees around

    If you want a regular roof over your head, then this is the type of glamping for you. There will be a bed to sleep in and a wall on all sides. This type of glamping gets rid of the need to pack a tent or any type of mattress to sleep on. Amenities are plenty, electricity, water, and many other things to make you as comfortable as when you were at home.

  5. Deluxe Cabin glamping
  6. deluxe camping site in Asia

    Deluxe cabin glamping offers the comfort of having a working bathroom and the luxury of the camping cabin. Some amenities in certain deluxe cabins can include other amenities such as bed linens, kitchenettes, and more. Be prepared to pay more to stay at one of the cabins as they are built with luxury in mind.

  7. Safari Tents
  8. safari glamping tent with lights

    These have been in so many different movies where they have to show some type of luxurious lifestyle. These usually come with furniture, fully functioning kitchens, electricity, and some sort of storage.

  9. Teepees
  10. simple teepee

    Also know as a "Tipi", these are small tents usually used by used by North American Indians that live in the Plains and Great Lakes regions. These are close to regular tents except they are built in an upside down cone shape with stretched out buffalo skin and usually have a smoke flag at the top.

Why choose Glamping or Camping

Both types of experiencing the outdoors have their pros and cons. If you are the type of person who wants to take on nature without all the luxuries of a traditional home, then camping is for you. With traditional camping, you can pack light and spend a couple of nights in nature then pack up in a short amount of time and head home.

When it comes to camping in luxury, the option of glamping will always be mentioned. If you are the type of individual who needs modern amenities while camping then glamping will the best choice. However, packing up after a glamping trip will be more tedious than the traditional camping trip.

Do glamping tents have toilets?

For your and my convenience, glamping tents do have a loo. This means we do not have to go running across the field to get to a toilet.

How do you turn camping into glamping?

To transform an outdoor camping trip right into a glamping trip, all you need is some type of remarkable lodging, those luxuries and fundamentals you just cannot live without, plus, just a little bit of creative thinking.

You will find that the main difference between a regular camping experience and a glamping experience are those rewarding amenities that make your stay even more comfy and all the things that you bring along with you will make you feel quite at home or a fancy hotel.

Glamping is all about making your outdoor camping experience comfy and extravagant. Power, deluxe blankets, running water, state of mind lighting, delightful meals, all these creature conveniences and even more are what really makes glamping an ideal getaway for us all.

Do you have to worry about critters or bugs?

With any type of camping, critters and bugs will always be in the area. Nonetheless, with day-to-day tent or camp cleaning, you will certainly be amazed if you had any kind of disruptions from animals, bugs, or critters. Simply keep in mind to keep food out of all camping area and animals or bugs will not be motivated to come in.

Things to do while you glamp

Many glamping sites are located near areas of amazing, all-natural charm where you can remain very active every day. There are lots of experiences for you to have. Treking/hiking, cycling, rafting, kayaking, wildlife watching, canyoneering, horseback riding, and a whole lot more.

What should you bring?

Fortunately, a simple bag packed with your personal belongings without the hassle of a fully loaded vehicle will be adequate for a glamping trip. Do not neglect to take a look at the climate prior to you making your way to your luxury location so you can be ready for the temperature levels you are most likely to experience. Some glampimove up and down during the day. Many locations will certainly see rumbling thunderstorms, therefore, numerous layers are usually ideal. If you do not have any of these items with you, do not worry as you can usually purchase most, if not all at one of these glamping sites.

So what exactly is included in glamping?

Individuals typically describe glamping as 'classy outdoor camping' as well as 'comfy camping'. Because of its fast growth in popularity, glamping covers a substantial variety of lodging alternatives consisting of yurts, Shepheard huts, treehouses, teepees and many more.


Glamping is camping in style or luxury. Glamping allows you to enjoy peace of mind and to enjoy nature at its best. Glamping is very popular nowadays and it would be a shame to not experience one of the many types offered. I have experienced Teepee glamping and the Safari Tents and would like to experience the others soon. The great outdoors is waiting for you, go enjoy it.