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If you pan on purchasing one of these vehicles, you would be interested to know the full package of these camper vehicles. The length and width is one of the characteristics that separate these vehicles from other types, but you may also want to look into the height specifications as well.

How do you measure the length and width of pop-up campers?

The process of measuring the length and width of pop-up campers is no different than measuring other types of vehicles. It begins by placing the tape measure at one end of the vehicle then running it all the way to the opposite end. You will want to include any extra accessories that could be attached to the exterior, but leave off any attachments that are removable without permanently altering the vehicle's body.

How long are pop up campers?

Pop up campers have a variety of lengths and widths depending on which model you choose, with some being wider or longer than others, so do your research before settling on one specific model. The length is typically where people get confused because these come in two varieties: hard side and soft side.

A hard side is one where you unzip the sides to give yourself two walls with a soft ceiling, while on the other hand soft sides are more like tents with fabric walls that fold out into rigid supports.

The average length for most pop up campers is around seven feet in length, though some can be even longer depending on the model. Though if they're too long it will be difficult to fit in many parking spaces, and they become less mobile in tight woods or surrounded by trees when camping.

How wide are pop up campers?

Many models also only have one bed, meaning that if there are two people going on a camping trip then they'll have to share a single sleeping space or else take turns sleeping in the driver or passenger seat.

How long do pop up campers last?

The great thing about buying a used pop up camper from dealerships is that many times you can get them at low prices because people have traded them in before their warranties were over. In most cases, these vehicles last for around

What is the average width and length of the Pop Up Camper's interior?

The width and length of the interior of the average pop up camper is about 7.5 feet and 7 feet respecttively, though like previously stated some models can be larger or smaller by a few inches either way.

After doing this research I found that the average person tends to purchase a pop up camper that has an exterior measurement of around seven feet long and around eight feet wide.

If you're looking to fit two adults in any kind of sleeping gear aboard a standard size pop up camper, it's going to be quite tight with little elbow room if at all.

What is The Average Pop Up Camper Height?

The height of pop up campers vary just as much as length and width. The average height of pop up campers come in at around 4.8 feet.

When you initially think of a pop-up camper, perhaps the first image that comes to mind is one of those large ones with three rooms; two sleeping quarters and a main living area/kitchen area that has a pull down table and convertible sofa.

The key thing here is that there's an advertised height and then there's the height when it's actually set up ready for use and it can vary quite a bit from model to model, depending on what the designer set out to create.

So how do I ensure I've picked out the right size camper?

Although exact sizes vary depending on make and model, most pop up campers will give you the exact measurements to make sure you know exactly what size will fit your needs.

Pop up campers are usually chosen because of their small size, but that doesn't mean you should buy one without knowing what the size actually is.


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What about the length of your camper cover?

Camper covers are measured in the same way that tents are. This is because it's important to have a cover longer than your pop up so you don't get wet when it rains, which would ruin all of your food.

For hard side campers, they should be slightly larger than seven feet so you can fit your camping supplies inside easily without being crunched for space.

If you're looking for something other than the average pop up camper size, there are also smaller units that are six feet long and can provide an easier time for storing while not sacrificing much space or comfort.


We just learned that there are pop up campers that come in various different sizes. So depending on the size you want, or need for that matter, you can decide whether or not a pop up camper is right for you and your needs.

That's all! Thanks for reading my article about how long pop up campers really are.

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