Beginners guide to the grand canyon south rim rv parks

Why go to the South Rim?

south rim

The south rim is a beautiful place to visit. It has many viewpoints, of which you get to choose. Some of the more popular viewpoints are Desert View Drive, Grand Canyon Village, and Hermit Road.

Desert View Drive

This is a scenic road located in the south rim of the grand canyon. It runs for 25 miles and you get to see many different picnic areas and many other stops along the way. This 25-mile drive will take you roughly four miles if you decide to stop at a few of the scenic areas. You will pass areas such as Yaki Point, Grandview Point, Lipan, Tusayan Ruin and Museum, Navajo Point, Lipan Point. Going to these stops will allow you to learn about people who used to live in the Grand Canyon, you'll get to view all different types of rock formations, and also get to look from the highest point in the Grand Canyon.

Do not forget to stop by the trading post, snack bar, gift shops, and many other fun places you will not regret.

Grand Canyon Village

This is the place you go for all your camping and hiking gear needs. You will also be able to purchase authentic American Indian crafts and Grand Canyon souvenirs. The Grand Canyon Village is the place where you can pick up a self-guided walking tour brochure. With this brochure, you will get in-depth information on the Grand Canyon and information on its history.

There are also tours you can take which will bring you through El Tovar Hotel Buckey O’Neill Cabin, Bright Angel Lodge, Lookout Studio, Kolb Studio, and Hopi House. Stop There is a railway depot called The Grand Canyon Railway Depot which brings visitors in. Take a ride one of the many rides offered such as a scenic trail ride, helicopter ride, horseback, ride, and mule trips. Last but not least, the area is great for hiking. But for all those who do not want to take a hike, there is a shuttle that transport visitors along the rim of the canyon.

Hermit Road

One other area you might want to visit is The Hermit Road. This is located west of the Grand Canyon Village and we all know that that's on the South Rim. You will follow this road to Hermits Rest which is seven miles away. This route is very popular and only accessible by foot, commercial bus store, or by using the free Hermit Road (Red Route) Shuttle bus. You can access this route about 9 months out of the year.

Who should visit the South Rim

The South Rim is one of the most visited places for people with rvs. But this is a place more fit for first-time Grand Canyon Visitors. It has many "ooh-aaahh" moments that will leave first-time visitors speechless. This is also a place where regular visitors can come back to with their kids because it offers a wide variety of activities that is more than ideal for all ages. The South Rim is a place you go to when you have a lot of time on your hands because you do not get to enjoy the area to the fullest in just one day.

South Rim Facts

  • Almost 2 dozen viewpoints
  • 5 million visitors per year
  • You can hike into the canyon

How far is the South Sim from Las Vegas?

map of las vegas to south rim distance.

Driving from Las Vegas to the South Rim will take a day's drive. It is roughly 256 miles to 280 miles depending on the little detours you might take along the way. This trip will take roughly 4 hours and 16 minutes to complete..

Las Vegas to the South Rim directions

Las Vegas to South Rim direction.

South Rim's Average weather conditions

Average High Average Low Mean Average Rainfall Record High Record Low
Jan 44°F 17°F 30°F 1.58 in 71°F -20°F
Feb 47°F 20°F 34°F 1.67 in 69°F -20°F
Mar 52°F 24°F 38°F 1.95 in 75°F -7°F
Apr 60°F 28°F 44°F 1.07 in 82°F 8°F
May 70°F 35°F 52°F 0.63 in 92°F 10°F
Jun 81°F 42°F 62°F 0.47 in 105°F 25°F
Jul 84°F 50°F 67°F 1.96 in 101°F 31°F
Aug 81°F 49°F 65°F 2.04 in 96°F 30°F
Sep 75°F 43°F 59°F 1.40 in 93°F 24°F
Oct 64°F 33°F 48°F 1.35 in 83°F 3°F
Nov 52°F 24°F 38°F 1.28 in 78°F -6°F
Dec 45°F 18°F 31°F 1.10 in 70°F -20°F

Average High Average Low Mean Average Rainfall Record High Record Low
Jan 7°C -8°C -1°C 4.0 cm 22°C -29°C
Feb 8°C -7°C 1°C 4.2 cm 21°C -29°C
Mar 11°C -4°C 3°C 5.0 cm 24°C -22°C
Apr 16°C -2°C 7°C 2.7 cm 28°C -13°C
May 21°C 2°C 11°C 1.6 cm 33°C -12°C
Jun 27°C 6°C 17°C 1.2 cm 41°C -4°C
Jul 29°C 10°C 19°C 5.0 cm 38°C -1°C
Aug 27°C 9°C 18°C 5.2 cm 36°C -1°C
Sep 24°C 6°C 15°C 3.6 cm 34°C -4°C
Oct 18°C 1°C 9°C 3.4 cm 28°C -16°C
Nov 11°C -4°C 3°C 3.3 cm 26°C -21°C
Dec 7°C -8°C -1°C 2.8 cm 21°C -29°C
Data spans from 1903

The South Rim is a place that everyone whether you're a camper or not should visit at least once in their lifetime. It offers many amenities and fun activities for the entire family.

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