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booking a campsite

How do you book a campsite? If your instinct is to head over to an online reservation site and pay a small fee, then you're not alone. However, there are many more ways to reserve a campsite than that, some might even save you money! Read on for tips on how to book a campsite, no matter what you're looking for.

Different ways to book a campsite

You can reserve a campsite in one of two ways: online or over the phone.

  1. Reserve online
  2. Some campgrounds let you reserve your campsite right on their website before you go. You'll choose which services are included with your site, like water and electricity, then pay the reservation fee online with a credit card. After that, they'll send you an email confirmation letter detailing all of this information, and sometimes even directions to get there.

  3. Reserve over the phone
  4. If your campground doesn't offer an online reservation system, you can call them up directly and make arrangements for your stay by speaking to an employee who can answer any questions about what's available and how much it costs (or ask about discounts).

How do you reserve a campsite online?

Follow the steps below to book a campsite online.

  • Find a campsite that is available.
  • Check the campsite's website to see if they have an online reservation system and register for one if necessary.
  • Pay any deposit fee, fees, or fees required by your campground before you reserve your site by credit card or other payment method using their secure online system; some campgrounds accept debit cards, but not all do so verify this with them before making reservations as it can save time during check-in at the office when you arrive later in the day.

How do you reserve a campsite over the phone?

  • Contact the campsite
  • The first step to reserving a campsite is, of course, calling the campground directly! The campground's phone number should be included on their website and in any promotional material they send out, you can also call them directly from directory assistance if you're unsure about how to find their number.

  • Let them know what you're looking for
  • When you place your reservation over the phone with a campsite operator, be sure to let them know exactly what type of site (e.g., tent sites vs RV hook-ups) as well as amenities and activities that are important to you so that they can properly advise you on availability and price points across all available options within the park system. Also make sure that they understand whether or not anyone in your party has special needs (e.g., physical disabilities). You may need some special accommodations depending on those factors; maybe there isn't an accessible shower near where you want to stay! It's best just ask upfront rather than assume anything since it could save both parties some disappointment later down the line.

First-come-first-served sites

You can book a first-come-first-served site online or over the phone. However, we strongly recommend booking your campsite as soon as possible as they go quickly.

To book a first-come-first served site, simply follow these steps:
  1. Go to our website and scroll down to find your desired location. Scrolling will reveal available campsites at that location and their availability (e.g., Booked or Unbooked).
  2. Click on the arrow beside "Book Now" for an unbooked site at that location, then click through to enter your details in our secure booking system.

Dispersed camping

Dispersed camping is great if you want to camp off the beaten path. There are no campsites, so you have to find your own spot and set up camp. You can't reserve a campsite for dispersed camping online or over the phone. Dispersed camping is free; however, it's more difficult to find than reservable sites because there aren't any signs telling you where the dispersed areas are located. The only way to get a spot is if someone else doesn't show up at their reserved site and opens up space for another camper on their list of reservations (this is known as “open camping”).

Steps to booking a campsite

Check availability of campsite

This can be done in a few ways. You can call the campsite directly and ask them if they have any spots available, or you could check their website or other online system that allows people to make reservations for a campsite. You can also visit the actual campsite and see if there are any openings when you get there. If all else fails, try getting in touch with someone at the campground management company and asking them directly.

Make sure your reservation is confirmed by checking your confirmation number (this is especially important if you're booking a site through another agency). It's always good practice to get written confirmation just so everyone knows what's going on.


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Hopefully, this guide has helped you to get started with booking your next campsite. There are many options available for camping in the UK, and if you’re looking for a place to camp near London or even abroad then we recommend using our website.

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