Roadtrek Sprinter RS Adventurous

Roadtrek Sprinter RS Adventurous

Roadtrek Sprinter RS Adventurous

The Roadtrek Sprinter RS Adventurous is a great rv for small groups or couples. It can sleep up to 4 people and it's compact for easy maneuvering through any city. This Roadtrek has a large holding tank for longer stays without needing to be emptied, the shower is on the smaller side but adequate for one person at a time, and it has tons of storage space on both sides of the kitchen area.

The 3.0 liter CRD V6 turbo diesel engine provides plenty of power for any terrain. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis is one of the most durable and reliable on the market, but if you do end up needing repairs, the Roadtrek warranty will take care of them quickly and efficiently.

The water capacity of this van are as follows:
  • Black: 40 L/10 U.S. gal.
  • Fresh: 135 L/36 U.S. gal.
  • Gray: 80 L/21 U.S. gal.

This is a powerful van which will allow you to tow 7,000 lbs (3,200). This means you will be able to tow a small car, camper, boat, or small trailer without any trouble. You can also install all sorts of aftermarket customizations with ease.

This van has everything that you would want out of a vehicle. It's big enough to sleep in comfortably but still small enough to handle well on the road. This van even prioritizes safety by including several airbags along with a rear backup camera to make sure you are able to spot anything in your way when you are backing up.

The cool part about this van is that it has a set of exterior steps on either side allowing easy access to the driver and passenger seating areas as well as an easy way down into your rv living quarters. With triple pane windows throughout there isn't much noise from outside that will bother you while on long road trips. But don't worry about getting hot on those long drives because this van includes air conditioning with rear vents and front windshield demister.

Great Batteries

With the Two 6V AGM batteries that provide 2,400watts, you can rest assure that your lights will stay on and you'll be able to drive throughout the almost any weather while running the necessary appliances and electronics. Batteries are under the driver's side cab, easy to access and replace for those necessary times of rest stops.

The van also includes an on-board charger that allows you to recharge your batteries while keeping your engine off. (For example: when you get to your campsite.)

Awesome Kitchen

Inside this beauty there is a spacious kitchen area with plenty of storage, including overhead cabinets above the countertops, two drawers underneath the countertop area, two cabinet doors beneath it all and even another door in between for extra storage space. There is also a large refrigerator and freezer , microwave and three burner stove with oven. The van also includes a sink with faucet.

Safety Matters

A large, telescoping safety glass windshield provides safety, durability and strength for the driver up front. With lane keeping assist and blind spot monitoring, you'll enjoy peace of mind while traveling on the highway.

Great Warranty

The Roadrek Sprinter RS Adventurous comes with a 6 year unlimited miles/kilometer warranty. This is to show you how much confidence Roadtrek has in their product.

Easy To Drive

The sprinter is not going to be difficult for anyone to drive. Power windows and power locks come standard which means that you will have a nice breeze on a summer day or can keep yourself warm on a cold winter night. Also the van drives just like a family van so if you are used to driving those around the city then this should feel familiar as well as easy for you too. Maneuvering this van will feel like a breeze if you are used to driving any type of mid-sized vehicle.

This van is able to fit into any standard parking space making it a breeze to find parking at the mall, campgrounds, downtown near attractions etc.


This is a powerful and streamlined class B motorhome by Roadtrek . They have been making vans for over 30 years with the goal of providing high quality but also budget friendly options for their customers. Their designs are modern, stylish, efficient, and productive all at once. The engine on this van is very impressive considering it's size. It has enough power behind it to take out on the open road without any trouble whatsoever.

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