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Healing Springs

Address: Springs Court, Blackville, SC 29817

Healing springs

This natural spring, situated in the South Carolina wilderness goes back to a days of the Revolutionary War if legends prove to be true. The story is told as a handful of badly injured British soldiers had stumbled into the woods to pass away however were discovered by some Native Americans who took them to the Healing Springs to drink. In spite of their severe injuries the soldiers were stated to walk back into their camp 6 months later on, appearing to be fully healed of all injuries.

Visitors have stated that this spring doesn't have the sulfur taste like other springs are known to have.

Facilities and Features

  • Wetland
  • Historic features
  • Picnic tables
  • Drinking water
  • Walking paths

The springs is always open and welcomes everyone along with their pets. Be sure to plan how you are going to relieve yourself as there are no available public restrooms available.

Answer from RoadSideAmerica

Nobody explains the experience than Anthony Wescott on roadsideamerica.

My wife and I live in Mt. Pleasant, SC and heard about the Springs a couple weeks ago. Being unadventurous, we decided to take the 117 mile trip, after stopping and buying 15 one gallon jugs. Once there, we knew we were in for a treat. So serene and peaceful, with water constantly flowing from the pipes installed for easy filling. The first thing we did was taste the water, and wow! Best water I have ever put in my mouth. No taste like I expected there to be, and so refreshing! We talked to locals and others that had driven just as far as we did, even farther! We drink it every day, and when it's gone, we are going back for more! Nice Amish country store 100 yards down the road that's a must to stop into. Nice owners, very friendly.
— Anthony Wescott


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The Healing Springs are there for everyone to enjoy. Remember to bring a bottle with you so you can bring home some of the water to consume at a later date.

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