How Much Do Campers Weigh? The Truth

How Much Do Travel Trailers Weigh?

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Travel trailers usually weigh anywhere from 900 to 9,500 pounds with the average being around 5,650 pounds. The trailer weight is dependent on many different factors such as trailer length, trailer height and trailer size.

What is dry weight?

Dry weight is the term used to describe trailer weight that when the trailer is completely unloaded (empty), if you weighed it, you would get the trailer's exact weight. This number can be used to compare trailer weights with other manufacturers' or even different units of the same trailer brand.

If there are options such as generator packages installed on trailers then this added weight must also be taken into consideration because it adds more deadweight and trailer tongue weight which can affect handling.

A weight distribution hitch can help vehicles handle maximum allowable loads by distributing them across axles in proportion to their strength and load capacity.

What is GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight)?

This is the term used when a trailer is used in combination with a tow vehicle to haul a trailer. The GVW has nothing to do with trailer weight but rather refers to the total weight of the trailer and contents (the trailer "load").

The trailer load includes all allowable trailer cargo, passengers, fresh or LP gas and water amounts that will be present when using the trailer in normal usage.

What is Maximum Trailer Load?

Maximum trailer load is the trailer weight limit determined by the tow vehicle's manufacturer. This number is used to determine just how much weight your tow vehicle can tow without damaging parts. Parts that usually get damaged when towing too much weight are:

  • Frame
  • The trailer weight may force the tires into ground contact causing frame damage and trailer sway. The trailer's weight may also cause it to sag which will put stress on trailer hitch, trailer suspension and trailer tires.

    For this reason trailer load is usually reported by manufacturers in the form of three numbers such as 8500/6500/4500 (lbs). The first number refers to trailer tongue weight, second number refers to trailer axle weight and third one refers to trailer gross load.

  • Transmission
  • Your transmission might get damaged if you overload the trailer. Transmission damage occurs when too much trailer tongue weight causes trailer sway, which puts stress on trailer hitch and transmission.

How much does my trailer weigh?

Many variables affect how heavy your new trailer is or will become including: The size of your travel trailer, small trailers are lighter than larger ones. The materials used in construction such as aluminum frames instead of steel for example. Integrated components like air conditioners can add quite a bit of extra weight depending on their size and function type Options.

16 examples of Travel Trailers and their weight

Travel Trailer Dry Weight (lbs) GVWR (lbs)
Jayco Eagle HT 7,410 (lbs) 9,995 (lbs)
Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro 3,088 (lbs) 3,866 (lbs)
Prime Time RV Avenger 4,832 (lbs) 7,580 (lbs)
Oliver Legacy Elite II 4,600 (lbs) 7,000 (lbs)
Lance 1685 3,980 (lbs) 5,500 (lbs)
Heartland Prowler 4,066 (lbs) 6,900 (lbs)
Coachmen Apex Nano 3,034 (lbs) 3,800 (lbs)
Forest River Shasta 3,236 (lbs) 5,000 (lbs)
Airstream Flying Cloud 3,852 (lbs) 4,500 (lbs)
EVO 197SS 4,113 (lbs) 5,595 (lbs)
Grey Wolf 19SM 4,826 (lbs) 7,608 (lbs)
Rockwood Mini LITE 2304KS 4,651 (lbs) 6,629 (lbs)
X-LITE 19DBXL 4,418 (lbs) 7,520 (lbs)
Freedom Express Ultra LITE 204RD 4,049 (lbs) 5,955 (lbs)
Starcraft Mossy Oak 4,240 (lbs) 5,250 (lbs)
Keystone Outback Ultra Lite 4,590 (lbs) 6,500 (lbs)

Lightest Travel Trailer

As of writing this post, the TAXA Outdoors TigerMoth Travel Trailer is the lightest travel trailer i know. Below is information on this trailer.

2018 TAXA Outdoors TigerMoth Camp

2018 TAXA Outdoors TigerMoth Camp

This travel trailer is one of the lightest travel trailers on the market. It weighs in at only 900 lbs. The trailer is a tiny trailer that is not much bigger than a cot. It is rated to sleep two people and an optional extra person if there are no beds for them to use. The trailer itself doesn't have electrical connections but can be hooked up to an external generator for outlets in the trailer or lights for lighting. There is no bathroom or kitchen inside this small travel trailer, so it's best used as either a tent trailer or summer camping trailer.


What’s the weight limit for a travel trailer? You might be surprised to find out that there isn’t one! That said, it never hurts to check your manufacturer recommendations and make sure you are within safety margins. If you have any questions about how much weight is too much or if you need help choosing a new RV, we can assist with those decisions as well. We want everyone in this process of buying an RV to feel confident and comfortable; so don't hesitate to ask us anything. Our experts will answer all of your questions before making some big choices like these. What was the heaviest thing that came into mind when thinking about traveling trailers?

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