How To Hook Up A Generator To A Pop Up Camper?

How To Hook Up A Generator To A Pop Up Camper?

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A generator could be an excellent power source to produce energy, especially when camping in a pop-up camper. It will allow you to get power to all your electrical appliances. As a result, you can enjoy essential appliances like a TV, refrigerator, and heating while traveling. But when it comes to hooking up a generator to a pop-up camper, most people find it difficult.

That’s why, through this context, we will let you know how you can easily hook up a generator to a pop-up camper. Typically, you have to plug one end of the camper cable into your generator’s outlet to hook up the generator. Then join another end of the cord to the power outlet of your pop-up camper. Read continue this context to get more information in this regard.

Why Do You Need a Generator in a Pop-Up Camper

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Camping in a Pop-Up Camper is fun as long as you don’t face any issues like no power and water. While at the campsite, most of the time you won’t get electricity, especially dry camping. Finding a power source is difficult during traveling, so you will need a powerful generator for pop-up camper to supply power.

A reliable generator will let you power all your appliances and make your camping adventure enjoyable. Using a generator, you can easily get powered major appliances such as Television, fridge, heating, or anything else that requires electricity during the road trip. This way, you can enjoy the experience of camping much more.

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Where to Install the Generator on Pop up Camper

Most pop-up campers are designed to set up a generator. You can also set up the generator in other places of a camper. To find out the right area to place the generator, you have to inspect your pop-up camper. Basically, the place where you install the generator will depend on what type of pop-up camper you have. Below, we have pointed out some area ideas where you can place the generator.

  • The generator can be placed on an A-frame above propane tanks on your pop-up camper.
  • You can set up the generator on the bumper using a hitch.
  • It is also possible to place the generator by building a customized cargo container box or a bumper box.
  • Set up the generator back to the propane containers above the battery box.

Here are some products that will make life easier connecting your generator.

Can I Use a Portable Generator With a Pop-Up Camper?

A pop-up camper with a portable generator is an excellent choice. The reason is that portable generators can be moved anyplace, which is great for campers. In fact, most pop-up campers have portable generators. Although portable generators are not as powerful as built-in generators, they have many advantages. The advantages include low cost, long-lasting power, low maintenance, numerous power outlets, and ease to move anywhere.

How To Hook Up A Generator To A Pop-Up Camper

Here we have demonstrated how you can easily hook up a generator to a pop-up camper. So, check out the below steps:

  • First, read the generator’s manual to ensure you know all the essential information about the generator’s controls.
  • Find a workable outlet so that you can plug in to keep your convenience running.
  • Make sure the generator is grounded with a rod and copper wire to operate safely.
  • Collect all the cords and arrange them on the surface so that you can easily insert all cords into the right plug without any mess.
  • After that, plug one end of the camper extension cord into your pop-up camper outlet. Link up the other end of this cord into your generator.
  • Once you have connected two ends, turn on the generator and stand until the light is turned on inside the electrical panel.
  • Now you can power the device you need electricity.
  • Always unplug all the cords when you need to move the generator or pop-up camper.

You will need to use a proper size generator to run all the electric appliances smoothly while hooked up with the pop-up camper. That’s why it is essential to determine the watts for your needs. Check out the below section; here, you will discover how you can easily determine the correct generator size for your pop-up camper.

What Kind of Generator Suitable for a Pop-Up Camper?

There are numerous types of generators you will find on the market. Among them, non-inverter generators should be avoided as this unit doesn’t powerful enough to supply power to your pop-up appliances. You may want all your camper appliances functional; for that, you have to find the right generator for your pop-up camper.

Typically, this decision mainly involves how many appliances you will use through the generator. You can get a small generator if you don’t want to use your television, hairdryer, air conditioner, and coffee maker. You just have to ensure the generator can power the maximum watts to power your appliances without any trouble. If the generator produces less electricity than your required power supply, the appliances can be damaged.

So, if you have a lot of appliances, you need to go to a large size generator. In addition, most reliable generators are run by gasoline. Some generators will be found with connections for vehicle batteries and solar panels. You can also use dual-fuel design generators to get the most flexibility, as you can use propane or gas.

How Many Watts Does a Pop-Up Camper Use?

pop up camper watts

How many watt generators will be required in a pop-up camper, depending on how many watt-hours of power you will need. Typically, watts and hours are multiplied to calculate the average watt and the number of hours running in a day.

The average required wattage can be calculated by a simple formula: 60 x amps x volts = total watts, then converted by 1000 to kilowatt-hour. For example, if you require a 500-watt hour generator for your pop-up camper, the generator will supply power 12 hours a day.


A generator is an excellent way to supply power to all of your electrical appliances that help to make your camping stand out. As a result, you can run and enjoy all necessities, including a TV, refrigerator, heater, and electric cooker. But when it comes to hooking up a generator to a pop-up camper, most people find it difficult to do.

For that, through this article, we have provided adequate information about pop-up camper generators and a step-by-step guideline to hook up a generator to a camper. Following the simple procedure illustrated above, you can easily hook up your generator to a pop-up camper.

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