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Pop-Top Campervan

What is a pop-top?

A pop-top is a small, flat roofed canopy. Think of a pop-top as almost anything you see on top of a vehicle that looks as though it has been modified to be there. A pop-top looks like a small tent on top of a vehicle. The expense of the pop-top, generally at the manufacturer's end has a direct relationship to the length of the roofing (Wall or Hull) and the variety of locks (Twin, Full, Three or Four locks). A lot of pop-tops have an operable side door that can be used or accessed from the outside or inside the motorhome or vehicle it is attached to. This door is an important part of the way in which the pop-top works, so not having it will have an effect on the efficiency of the Recreational Vehicle along with the usefulness. There are many variations of pop-tops and we will be going over each of them together in this blog post.

Is a pop-top right for you?

Knowing whether or not a pop-top is right for you all comes down to your needs. What can you live without while being on the road and what can't you live without. Here are some pros and cons of pop-ups for you to consider.


  • You can roll right out of a regular-sized Recreational Vehicle, get in and drive it like any other vehicle on the road
  • The size of pop-tops can fit a wider range or types of rigs compared to full-sized rvs.
  • You get more alternatives for roofing style and the type of material to be used on the surface


  • Requires extra tools and strategies to complete, like getting rid of awning flaps or sometimes even getting rid of door locks
  • Needs some preparation if you wish to drive a lorry with a roofing system in the winter season
  • The space offered might not be for everyone

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    Here are some pop-up campervans that are offered

    Pop-ups can be fun toi travel in as they offer a place for you to rest your head while giving you the comfort of driving a regular vehicle.

    1. Winnebago Solis
    2. winnebago solis

      From incline to coast, adjust to any kind of adventure and also any type of budget you might have with the versatile and brand-new Winnebago Solis. This campervan is created so you and also your family members can take on the outdoors, while including a pop-top so you can take nature in from above.

      Features Of this Pop-Up
      • Ceiling Fan
      • Audio Inputs
      • Dining Table
      • Backup Camera
      • Heater
      • Kitchen Sink
      • Inside Shower
      • Toilet
      • Leveling Jack
      • Radio
      • Stove
      • Outside Shower
      • Gray Water Tank

      Main Features

      • Seats: 4
      • Sleeps: 4
      • Pet Friendly: No
      • One-Way: No
      • Transmission: Automatic
      • Length: 19.5 feet
      • Drive: 2WD (Front)
      • Fuel: Gas

    3. Thor Tellaro
    4. Thor Tellaro

      You will definitely find what you're looking for out of the Tellaro floor plans. The 20A layout expanded on the collapsible back King-size bed as well as takes pleasure in added storage area below. In the 20L layout, both sofas in the back of the coach can be folded into twin-beds and they both come with the Froli ® rest system. This system supplies air movement under the bed's mattress to cool you down. The 20K layout has a sofa bed that is great for day-to-night or night-to-day living.

      Thor Tellaro Floor Plans In Detail

      Thor Tellaro floor plans
      Year 2022
      Brand Tellaro
      Fuel Gas
      GVWR 9350 lbs
      GCWR 11500 lbs
      Fuel Capacity 24 Gal
      Wheel Base 159"
      Furnace 14.3K BTU
      Water Heater 2.64 Gal
      Fresh Water 27 Gal
      Waste Water 13 Gal

    5. Pleasure Way Tofino
    6. Pleasure way tofino

      Raising the hand-operated pop-top will reveal the 49" x 72" bunk overhead. This overhead bunk creates a 2nd resting area while opening the living area and galley. The Tofino welcomes minimalistic style yet still includes top of the line technology such as multiplex wiring, 2 100Ah lithium batteries, a 2000 watt inverter, touchscreen control with remote and also a live amperage meter.


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