22 Reasons why camping is good for you!

22 Reasons why camping is good for you

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Camping has become very popular over the recent years. Many people have chosen this way of spending their holidays, and most of them say that they had a wonderful time. I decided to share with you 10 great reasons why camping is good for you:

  1. Camping Leads To Happiness

  2. We enjoy life more when we spend some time outdoors. People who are into camping or hiking claim that the fresh air and change in surroundings increases their energy, enthusiasm, and self-confidence. Some studies show that people who take part in outdoor activities tend to be happier than those who prefer indoor activities only.

  3. Camping Boosts Creativity

  4. Camping is not only about fun; it can also help boost your creativity. Even if you don't consider yourself to be an artistic person, just being outdoors without the hustle of everyday city life will do wonders for your imagination. Some people take this opportunity to work on their drawing skills, while others will just sit by a campfire and enjoy the beauty of nature that surrounds them.

  5. Camping Strengthens Your Relationships

  6. When you go camping with your friends or family, you get the chance to bond with them in an unplugged environment. A study shows that 94% of campers report feeling closer to others who go on a camping trip together than those who don't. Camping is said to raise self-esteem, alleviate stress, improve communication skills, and bring families closer together - all positive things!

  7. Camping Improves Your Physical Health

  8. If you find ways to stay physically active outdoors while camping, then you will definitely find that your physical health improves upon your return. Being active outdoors leads to weight-loss, strength gain, increased energy levels, and an overall healthier metabolism! Walking and hiking are two activities that can easily be incorporated into a camping experience. Additionally, you get the benefit of sunshine which is known to boost moods and even prevent serious conditions like cancer and heart disease.

  9. Camping can improve your sleep

  10. This is a benefit that I experience every time I go camping. With the all of the nature sounds and activities, it is easy to fall asleep quickly after dark. You will also tend to get more sleep than you do at home since being outdoors tends to naturally slow people down.

  11. Camping is Good for your Mental Health

  12. I am always surprised when I hear someone say they don't like camping. First of all, if you don't like camping for any reason other than physical discomfort then you probably just haven't found a good outdoor location. In addition to finding a place with clean air, fresh water, and elevation changes; there are so many ways that camping benefits mental health! From escaping daily stressors (work/school), to helping you get your creative juices flowing, to just getting away from the "clutter" of modern life and technology… camping is great for the soul.

  13. Camping can help with having a better diet

  14. Not all who wander are lost.

    It's okay if you didn't get that reference, but it means; just because you may not be "prepared" (for example: without a stove and cooking supplies), doesn't mean your diet has to suffer. There are plenty of quick and healthy food items that you can eat while camping; things like fruits, nuts, yogurt, granola bars, etc. You should always be prepared for your health on any trip, whether you're out exploring in the wilderness or enjoying a quick day trip from home. This means that you should always plan ahead. I have heard many people say that while camping, they always felt the urge to eat healthier.

  15. Camping improves your Melatonin and Serotonin production

  16. This is one of the lesser known benefits of camping, but it is just as important (if not more so) than some of the others discussed here. There have been studies performed showing that people who spend time in nature are able to sleep much better and longer as compared to those who spend all day looking at a computer screen or driving in their car. One study done by Richard M. Fuller shows that Melatonin production (a chemical produced naturally by your body while sleeping) increased up to 3000% when campers slept with a window open, exposed to natural sunlight vs. sleeping with an air-conditioned room where no light nor fresh air was present during bedtime.

    Melatonin is the chemical responsible for making you feel sleepy. If Melatonin production is high, chances are, you will have no trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Some people suffer from insomnia and they may find it a try to spend some days in natural surroundings (in other words. camping ) so that they can get a good night's sleep and enjoy the positive effects of getting enough rest.

    Serotonin is the chemical that is known to be responsible for your good mood. People who suffer from depression may experience the same positive effects of camping as those suffering from insomnia and other sleep disorders, because sleeping fresh air and natural sunlight are sure-fire ways to feel happier and more relaxed.

    The more you get out there in nature, the healthier you will be.
  17. Camping promotes weight loss

  18. It is well acknowledged now that obesity is one of the biggest health problems in western societies. There are many reasons for this, but the fact is that people today are much too sedentary and they depend on technology more than ever before.

    Do you know what else is a big problem? Lack of sunlight. Spending all of your time inside may actually be making you feel depressed because lack of sunlight leads to vitamin D deficiency. It can also contribute to depression in some cases, which becomes a vicious cycle if it goes untreated.

    According to research, spending just 30 minutes outdoors without sunscreen will allow your body to produce 10% of its daily recommended dose. Spend an entire weekend camping or hiking and enjoy the benefits right away.

    Activity Time (60 Minutes)
    Slow, easy cycling 364 calories
    Power yoga 364 calories
    A brisk walk 391 calories
    Low-impact aerobics 455 calories
    Hiking 546 calories
    Backpacking 637 calories
    High-impact aerobics 664 calories
    Running 5 mph 755 calories
    Running up stairs 819 calories
    Jump rope 1,074 calories
    Hatha yoga 228 calories
  19. Camping helps you overcome small hurdles in your life

  20. Whenever you're going through a rough patch in life, you need to take a step back from it. In order to do this effectively, you have to escape your problems and not allow them to be the only thing on your mind. Camping provides an excellent opportunity for that because, in many cases, when you get lost or can't find something; you tend to forget about all of your troubles and focus on having fun with friends.

    When camping is done right it will help increase self-esteem and stability by providing a place for people who are struggling with personal issues to clear their minds so they can overcome any hurdles they may be facing.

  21. Camping lets your brain reset itself…a lot!

  22. The amount of time we spend indoors staring at our computer has some negative effects on our brain. Going camping for the weekend is a quick remedy to reset your brain and get it ready for the day-to-day grind.

    Because of the stress that comes with being in an urban or even suburban environment, our brains tend to over react when it comes to stimuli. Camping is a nice way of giving your brain time away from all of those distractions and getting your mind back on track.

  23. Camping makes you more productive at work/school, a lot more.

  24. If you've ever wondered why camping gives you so much energy after being gone for just one weekend, there is a scientific reason behind it called "Post Trip Hypomania." When you're surrounded by nature and are able to take in everything around you, it almost always results in you being able to complete tasks and projects that you had previously thought would take months or maybe even years.

    Moreover, if you work from home, camping is a great way to stay physically active and thus healthier. If you are looking for a job that will allow you to combine it with travel, you can find one on Jooble.

  25. Camping improves your memory retention.

  26. One of the most popular benefits of camping is how it helps with better sleep, which in turn has a lot of other benefits to your health like making you more productive at work, school, and with your other daily activities as well as making you less stressed and improving memory retention. If there was one thing to say why camping is good for you this would be it but we have 9 more reasons coming up after this.

  27. Camping revitalizes your senses and makes them stronger/more acute.

  28. This might not have been one of your main reasons to go camping before, but it certainly is one of the most underappreciated ones.

    Camping helps you take better care of your five senses and they become a lot stronger and more acute over time as well when you are camping regularly. It makes your sense of smell, touch, sight, hearing and taste all the more sensitive to everything around you whether it's dangerous or not. You also get to learn how to be less dependent on technology for entertainment rather than experiencing nature first-hand which in turn improves your senses even further by making them work harder.

  29. Camping helps with burning calories

  30. When you're camping, it forces you to actually do a lot of physical activity. Nowadays, people have gotten so used to their easy lives that they end up being couch potatoes and become obese. Camping works by burning some calories as well as making it easier for your body to get back into the rhythm of heaviness after meals which helps in losing weight.

  31. Makes you more loving

  32. Since there's nothing between you and nature when you're camping, it makes you feel isolated with your surroundings while also teaching how much control one person has over everything else around him or her. As a consequence of this isolation, people tend to really cherish the loved ones around them even more than before because now they know how lucky they actually are.

  33. Vitamin D Improvement

  34. Camping in the sun can be a great source of Vitamin D. As you bake yourself in the sun, your skin absorbs the UV rays and Vitamin D is produced. If you're not into baking yourself or getting exposed to UV rays for some other reason, any form of exposure to sunlight will do.

  35. Camping calms kids

  36. This is no secret, but spending time in the outdoors is a great way of making your child calmer. Children are notoriously hyperactive and having them exposed to the calmness that camping can offer is bound to have some sort of positive effect on their behavior.

  37. Builds Independence

  38. Ever wonder why so many adults tend to love doing things like hiking or camping alone? Well, truth be told, they probably don't want to do it alone at all, they're just longing for the peace and quiet that comes with solitude after dealing with rowdy kids or an overbearing spouse for so many years. But if you love nature as much as you say you do, then take it one step forward by getting away from people every once in a while.

  39. Camping helps reduce blood pressure

  40. Camping and getting back to nature can also have a positive effect on your blood pressure. One study found that just 60 minutes of nature exposure was enough for significant drops in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings. This means that if you're dealing with hypertension, you should schedule a trip in the near future.

  41. Camping strengthens family bonds

  42. Camping is not just about building relationships between people, but also your relationship with nature as well. Since it's really just a big world out there, one of the best things that camping can offer your family and loved ones is understanding – or at least a better appreciation – for the planet we live on.

  43. Camping helps to improve self-esteem

  44. Camping helps to improve self-esteem because it gives people a chance to see what they're capable of, especially when the going gets rough. As long as you have necessary supplies and knowledge on how to use them effectively, it's just a matter of having the right attitude towards whatever situation comes your way, looking at things from multiple sides can help in this regard.


In this article we discussed 19 reasons why camping is good for you . It was hard not to make this list long, I mean there are plenty more reasons why camping is good for your health than just 19. But we've decided to leave it short since many people would be too lazy to read all 200+ points presented here.

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