Locating your bike’s serial number - Full Guide

Locating your bike’s serial number: Ultimate Guide.

The serial number can usually be found in about five different locations on a bicycle. The best chance at recovering a stolen bicycle is having a registered serial number. These numbers are used by police across the nation.

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  • #1 Headset
  • #2 Top Of Crank
  • #3 Rear Stays
  • #4 Underside Of Stays
  • #5 Seat Downtube that's close to the crank

The most common place for this information to be concealed is under the bottom bracket. This is where the your 2 pedal cranks meet up. However, sometimes it can be found in other places such as near the headset which is located at the front of the bike. There will also be a sticker on your fork which contains this information, but has been known to fall off with time and weather conditions. This being said, you might even have that same serial number written down somewhere just not realizing what it is.


To conclude, the serial number is the best chance at recovering a stolen bike. Please write this down somewhere, register it with your local police department and be sure to check under pedal cranks for this very important information. If you don't have anything witty to end this article on, then consider writing how helpful it would be if there was some sort of network that one could use to notify others about their stolen items like bicycles or anything else for that matter. Maybe create an app which allows people to communicate using social media outlets such as Facebook to make these announcements. Thanks!

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