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What is a campervan?

Campervan exterior and interior

A camper van is a vehicle that is designed primarily to sleep in while on the road. Campervans come in a variety of styles, sizes, and can be purchased as a bare model or as fully equipped as possible which includes furniture, kitchenette, and a toilet. There are also a variety of campervan models that feature more limited amenities than standard vehicles, which makes their use as mobile living arrangements attractive to those who have limited financial means or who want to find themselves out in nature.

The primary use of a campervan is as a mobile home. This is a portable home that can serve as both a mobile home where one stays during holidays or weekends or as the base of a business. Another use for a campervan is to accommodate people of a variety of ages and interests. The flexibility of uses makes these types of vehicles particularly suitable for people who would like to have friends, or even family stay with them on long trips.

How to choose a campervan?

There are many things to consider when you decide to purchase a campervan. Here i will go over some of the things you need to take a look at before making the final decision.

First i will go over the basics. This will include factors like the budget you have, the fuel economy you want, the size campervan, type of fuel and a few other factors.

  • Divetrain
  • This is a very important factor. The type of drivetrain you choose will determine the type of terrain your camper can navigate. If you will only be driving on paved or city roads, then a two-wheel drive van will be the best choice as it is the cheaper option. If you are going to be driving during winter or off-road, then a all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive van will be best. These four-wheel and all-wheel drive vans are however more expensive than the two-wheel drive.

  • Size
  • Size is also an important factor as you will have to decide on the amount of people you will be accommodating inside the van. You wouldn't want to buy a campervan that is meant for only to adults when in fact you plan on bring 4 adults in it.

  • Fuel Economy
  • Fuel economy plays an important role in any tpe of vehicle purchase. Your trip across the country will not be as enjoyable if you have to stop for refueling every few miles.

  • Gasoline vs Diesel
  • When it comes to choosing the type of engine and fuel your vehicle will use, the two types are usually going to be diesel or gas engine. It is a well known fact that diesel engines last much longer than gas engines. It is also known that diesel offers more bang for buck when it comes to fuel economy.

How much does a campervan cost?

It's hard to say a campervan cost any set amount of money as the cost usually depend on whether you buy an older van, a used van, or a brand-new one. The cost also depends on what van upgrades you pick, and also whether you go with a DIY or specialist conversion.

You can buy a used campervan or pre-built Transit van for less than $40,000. However, a new Transit van that was professionally done will set you back around $1000,000. Do It Yourself conversions differ considerably depending on the option you choose to include. The cost of doing it yourself should also include the tools and equipment you might have to buy to complete the job.

Tips to find good and safe camping spots

When you finally purchase a camper van, your next move will be to try and find a good camping spot. Follow these steps below and you will be one step closer to finding good camping spot.

  • If you choose to camp in store parking lots, make sure the store is the kind that allows it.
  • Avoid "No Overnight Parking" signs
  • Use USFS or BLM Lands only when possible as these lands are free.
  • Do not camp at the bottom of any canyon or valleys. These locations are usually humid and very cold.
  • Camp away from animal trails.
  • Stay away from waterlogged meadows

The Vw Camper van

Vw Camper Van

Popularly known as The GTI Of VW Camper Vans, this camper is one of the most sought after camper vans in the world.


2021 Free Bird

The huge dining room area enables game sessions in the evenings as well as meals where you can rest across from each other. When it's time take a nap, all you have to do is merely roll down the curtains and this will transform the dining room area into a full-size bed. On cozy evenings, you can open up the side windows along with the overhead fan for some terrific airflow. The Batwing awning (optional) gives you a large protected area around 2 sides of your FreeBird.

The huge dining room area enables video game sessions in the evenings as well as meals where you can rest across from each other

  • Large, easy to use dinette for games and meals
  • True full-size bed
  • Great Price
  • Butane stove (Portable)
  • Dimmable LED interior lights
  • Exclusive Slide
  • 32 Liter pull out fridge
  • Access in and out through both sliding doors

Ford Transit Camper

ford transit camper

Lots of hopeful vanlifers choose to build their vans themselves, although there are a growing number of businesses that currently offer van conversions. There are also pre-converted or pre-owned vans readily available too.

The Ford Transits have become one of the most popular choices for van conversions. They are equal in functionality and size to a Mercedes Sprinter van. However, Ford Transits are substantially less expensive, both in regards to the amount of money you pay to buy one as well as the continuous upkeep expenses. Buying one of these vans will allow the customer to add other features that are needed without breaking the bank.

Features Available

  • Air Conditioning
  • Floor Covering
  • Locking Glove Box
  • Lane Keep
  • Post-Collision Braking System
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Blind Spot System
  • Rear View Display in RearView Mirror
  • Cargo Tie-Down Hooks
  • Center Console with Right-Side Shifter
  • Smoker’s Package – Cigarette lighter and ash cup
  • Headliner - Cloth Front only
  • A-Pillar Assist Handles
  • Power Outlet - 110V/400W
  • Partial Rear Compartment Lighting
  • Body Side Moldings – Carbon Black
  • Audio, Antenna
  • Sliding Passenger-Side Door
  • 50/50 Hinged Rear Door
  • Auto High-Beam Headlamps
  • Front License Plate Bracket
  • Roof Marker Lamps
  • Mirrors Short Arm (Manual Folding)
  • Rear Tow Hook
  • Roof Marker Lamp Delete
  • Halogen Headlamps with Autolamp

Companies that create campervan style vehicles.

The companies listed below are ones that have some type of van known as cargo vans in their fleet that are perfect for a camper van conversion.

  • Transit Connect
  • Transit
  • NV 200
  • NV HD
  • Promaster
  • Promaster City
  • Metris
  • Sprinter

How much is a Ford Transit campervan?

New, the Ford Transit Campervan will cost anywhere from $35,000 to $100,000. The total cost depends on all the extra features you opt in for. Trying to make this type of van into the camper will cost a lot. This will all be up to the customer. Some customers are just as comfortable with minimum features as with many different features.


A large luggage space inside the camper van. Four-wheel power A spacious interior Waterproofing A comfortable driver and passenger seating A well-equipped kitchen with a separate sleeping area Totally enclosed storage space A radio with two or three digital stations


Having a campervan while you are going cross country is amazing. You beat the need for needing to stay in any type of hotel. You get to spend the money you save on other things like upgrading your van. These types of vans are getting more popular as more people are starting to convert the vehicle they already own. Igf you decide it's time for your new camper van, do the necessary research before purchasing one.]

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