How Much Does An RV Battery Cost?

How Much Does An RV Battery Cost? The Truth

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Your Recreational Vehicle's interior electronics uses a battery system, which is an important element for power. It powers all electric devices inside your Motor Home or RV, from the cooling system to the fridge you need on hot days.

Those that are not knowledgeable about a Recreational Vehicle battery system need to know that a basic motorhome need 2 batteries. the initial battery is the conventional one that is made use of by providing the engine a shock to start the vehicle. The various other sort of battery is likewise called Recreational Vehicle deep cycle battery, house battery, or a coach battery.

So, just how much does an rv battery really cost? In this short article, I will quickly discuss what a rv battery is and also the various power systems offered in the marketplace. Additionally, I will certainly show to you the advantages of batteries in your Motor Home.

So what is an rv battery?

The reality is, your Motor Home includes 2 battery systems: there is a 12 volt DC system and also a 120-volt AC (Alternating Current) battery system. You additionally have a power system that is used to start-up an automobile's engine.

These batteries in your rv are frequently referred to as rv house batteries that are created to provide and also keep uninterruptible power to your electronics or tools while you travel. It's also easy to say that your Recreational Vehicle's devices rely on the 12-volt battery system to function properly.

The 120-volt battery is an included source of power that is made use of to run home appliances in your Motor Home. This light-weight battery system provides power to your motorhome electronics or devices like your indoor lights, water system as well as your fans. In addition, you can use the 120-volt system to power your rv even if you aren't hooked up to a generator.

Different Types Of Batteries

You will want to know the different types of batteries that are available for your rv as they come in different prices.

  • Lithium Batteries
  • is a type of battery used in modern RVs. Due to the fact that they are lighter and also smaller sized than other types, a lot of campers that utilize solar power to provide power to lithium batteries. Though a little bit pricey, these batteries do not call for tiresome upkeep compared to other types of batteries. Lithium batteries are simple to setup and also offer prolonged lifespan compared to various other battery cells.

    They are ranked to last at least 5000 cycles versus the majority of lead-acid type batteries. Lithium batteries may not be in most peoples price range which is usually 3 times greater than various other batteries yet you can be certain that these batteries will provide your motorhomes with lasting power.

  • Deep-Cycle Batteries
  • A lead-acid battery is the ones you will usually see in boats and golf carts. They are comparable to a car's battery that stores or saves as well as creates power, this type of battery develops a stable quantity of electrical energy for a prolonged duration. Nevertheless, the distinction with a car battery is that it just supplies power in much shorter durations. Deep cycle batteries include a selection of kinds like gel-type power units, wet-type power units and AGM. A lot of RVs utilize deep cycle batteries as a result of its cost and also dependability that, when completely charged, you can rely upon its power to create electricity.

What's the cost of an rv battery?

RV Home Batteries Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of an rv home battery.

  1. They are Lightweight
  2. Remember that your rv is already a very heavy vehicle so having other components that are lightweight will be great in keeping the weight down.

  3. They are safe to use
  4. These batteries are safe as they have overheating protection. If for some reason your batteries should start to overheat then the system will shut down for batteries to cool.

  5. They generate electricity
  6. Rv batteries are very helpful in that they generate electricity after your rv is turned off.

  7. Saves money and gas
  8. You get to save money with an rv home battery by using it instead of gas. Gas costs money which you would use to run a generator.

Things to consider when buying an rv battery

How long will rv battery last boondocking

When used in normal conditions - a propane refrigerator, lights, charging phones, other gadgets etc and maybe a water pump, your 12v battery will last roughly 2-3 days. However, this time can be longer if you conserve energy by shutting lights off when not in use, not run the water pump for extended periods, or by adding more batteries to your system.

These are the average amperage usage of some of the most common appliances or appliances that are usually used in an rv

Electronics or Appliances Amp Ratings
Air Condition 12-16 Amps
Blender 5-6 Amps
Coffee Maker 5-8 Amps
Laptop 2-3 Amps
Converter 1-8 Amps
Crock Pot 1-2 Amps
Drill 2-6 Amps
Electric Fan 1 Amp
Electric Water Heater 9-13 Amps
Hair Dryer 5-12 Amps
Light Less than 1 Amp
Microwave 8-13 Amps
Refrigerator (AC Mode) 5-8 Amps
Television 1-4 Amps
Dryer/Washer 14-16 Amps
Data 5 Data 6
Data 5 Data 6

What is an RV Battery Bank?

battery bank

An rv battery bank is when you join more than one batteries together in a parallel or series style connection. This is done to increase amps or voltage in an rv system.


An rv battery is a very important part of any rv system. It is always best to know which one best suits your needs. This post went over what an rv battery is, the different types of rv batteries and how to best use these batteries.

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