5 RV floor plans to consider (With Pictures)

Rv and Trailer Floor plans to consider for your next rv.

Before purchasing any type of towable RV, the first thing to consider is what type of vehicle you will be using to tow your RV. You have to make sure that this vehicle can tow the weight of the RV. Do not ask questions on forums or people on the internet for advice, always check the owner's manual of your vehicle to see the towing capabilities.

If you are the type of person who likes everything simple, then a small RV will fit your needs perfectly. Below is a list of RVs and their floor plans ranging from small to large.

  1. 2007 SunnyBrook Sunset Creek 279RB

  2. Parked 2007 SunnyBrook Sunset Creek 279RB 2007 SunnyBrook Sunset Creek 279RB floorv plan

    Let's start this list off with an RV that I owned roughly 5 years ago for about 7 months. I was in the market for an RV for under $14,000 and this one was purchased for roughly $12,800 and was able to sleep me and 4 other people comfortably. It can sleep 6 comfortably. The water tanks hold 60 gallons, 41 gallons, 41 gallons of fresh, black , and greywater respectively.

  3. 2018 Airstream Tommy Bahama 27FB

  4. 2018 Airstream Tommy Bahama 27FB 2018 Airstream Tommy Bahama 27FB floor plan

    This RV comes in at 28 feet long and a width of 8.46 ft. (101.5 in.). The fresh water tank has a capacity of 39 gallons, a grey water tank is 37 gallons and the black water tank is 39 gallons. There are 2 propane tanks equipped which hold 14.2 gallons of fuel and weigh in at 60lbs.

    The body of this RV is made of aluminum and so are the sidewalls. There is a kitchen and living area of which the floor type is vinyl. The kitchen is located in the center of this RV and includes a stove with 3 burners and an oven, a mid-sized refrigerator that is powered by either electricity or propane.

    When purchasing any type of RV, we all need to know how many people they can sleep. This RV can sleep 4 people at a time with its 1 queen size bed and its 1 convertible sofa bed.

    There is 1 bathroom that has 1 toilet and 1 shower. There is also Air conditioning and heat hooked up to battle any season that you are currently in.

    Whenever I have any type of discussion with family or friends about RV floor plans, the 2018 Airstream Tommy Bahama 27FB will always be mentioned.

  5. 2012 CrossRoads Cruiser Patriot CF345RF

  6. Crossroads Cruiser CF345RF trailer Crossroads Cruiser CF345RF floorplan

    This is a 2 axle trailer that is 33.92 feet in length and is more than able to sleep six people comfortably. Equipped with a Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide Detector, Propane Alarm and more than one Emergency Exit. You will also find many options in this trailer like a microwave oven, a refrigerator, and a living area in the rear.

    There are a satellite and one radio to use as entertainment or to gain information on different channels. To enjoy this entertainment, there is a surround sound system. There is also a DVD player that accepts 1 disk at a time.

    The air conditioner on this rig is automatic and also the heater. The heater can hold 10 gallons at a time which is the same as 37.9 liters. You will need an electrical hookup or a propane hookup to operate the heater and that is a major plus as you have options.



    This popup trailer is one of my favorites. Whenever I have the extra funds to purchase one, I will. The Jay Series camper comes with standard kitchen equipment such as a 35-lb. icebox, Pre-plumbed appliances for propane, Acrylic sink and faucet, and a Carry-out dinette table.

    Some of the exterior equipment including but not limited to Bumper-welded steel construction, Entrance door access with the roof lowered, 12" C-range tires, Corrosion-resistant frame, Domed, seamless fiberglass roof, DuraTek water-repellent sectionalized tent, and a 120V G.F.C.I. protected exterior receptacle.



    These are some of the most expensive types of recreational vehicles coming in at a high price of $148,940. This price is met with the luxury that Mercedez is known for. The equipped 3.0 V6 engine puts out 188HP and is also Turbocharged.

    If you purchase one of these vehicles, you will get a 3-year roof warranty. The length of this vehicle comes in at 24.25 ft. (291 in.) a Width of 6.92 ft. (83 in.) and a height of 9.67 ft. (116 in.). If you plan on towing any other type of vehicle with this rig, then you can be assured that it will easily tow any vehicle with upwards of 5000lbs. In the kitchen, there is a stove and a refrigerator.

    There are one bathroom and one bedroom which will sleep 2 people comfortably. Whenever you need to take a shower there is one equipped with curtains to protect the floor from spills.


    We have gone over a few RV floor plans to consider for your next purchase. We have gone over a popup camper and even a class b type RV. The options are there for you to choose from. Do the necessary research before making a very important decision like purchasing an RV.

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