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RV Rentals: How Much to Rent an RV?

Typically, you can be expected to pay around $75 - $150 per night to rent some of the best campervans and trailers. Larger motorhomes and trailers might cost upwards of $100 - $250 per night. Renting an rv over a longer period of time can be much more cost effective. The price you pay for renting an rv is a big deal. When i rented my first rv I made a hasty decision by choosing the cheapest and most readily available rv for a road trip i planned years ago. If you do not make sure all the amenities you need are in that said rv, then you will definitely have inconveniences on your trip. Some rvs are self reliant and some others require a whole lot of compromising.

Make a list of all the amenities you would like to have on your trip and check to see if the rv you choose has all these amenities or close to all.

Rented Rv with owners and chairs on the outside

How to rent an rv?

One of the easiest ways to rent an rv is to go onto Koa's Website and search their online directory fro rvs close to you. With that website, you get an abundance of options to choose from rather than going to one specific rv rentals agency. Another option is to find an rv service station in your area to see if they offer rv rentals.

Rv rentals prices

One of the best websites to rent an rv from is OUTDOORSY. This company allows you regular rv owners to rent their rvs out to the general public. They are totally safe as each rv renter has to go through an application process before they are approved so you can feel safe renting from them.

How much does it cost to rent an rv?

The cost to rent an rv will differ extensively depending upon which Recreational Vehicle rental business you're planning on renting from, the type of rv you will be renting, how old the rv is, and a couple other reasons. Nevertheless, to offer you a basic pall-park of prices, here are the typical Recreational Vehicle rental costs throughout the United States for rv rentals from businesses such as Outdoorsy.

  • Class A: $175 - $275/night.
  • Class B: $100 - $200/night.
  • Class C: $150 - $200/night.
  • Travel Trailer: $50 - $125/night.
  • Fifth Wheel: $60 - $150/night.
  • Pop Up Trailer: $50 - $100/night.

Average RV Rental Trip Costs

How much does it actually cost to rent an rv for different types of trips? The answers might surprise you.

Rental Period Average Rental prices
Day Trip $75 - $350 (Tax not included)
7-Day Trip $450 - $2,500 (Tax not included)
A Month Long Trip $1650 - $10,000 (Tax not included)

Other prices and fees to consider

There are many other fees and prices to consider when you are going to rent an rv. Below are some that should definitely be considered.

  • Gas prices and gas mileage
  • No matter what type of vehicle you ever decide to rent or buy, you will always have to take gas mileage into consideration. You will quickly start regretting your getaway if you have to be filling up wherever you go.

  • Cleaning fees
  • Some renters will not charge you a cleaning fee. However, some will have you sign a contract that states you will have to bring the rented rv in the same or better condition than you received it in. To bring rvs to a auto detailing shop can be costly.

  • Campground fees and rates
  • So you have made the big decision of renting an rv. But did you do the research on all the campground fees and rates you will have to pay to stay at one of said locations? But do not fear, there is also free camping that is known as boondocking or dry camping.

  • Taxes
  • If you live in Virginia, but will be renting an rv in West Virginia, you will be charged taxes based on West Virginian law. Take that into consideration as each state has their own taxes.

Tips for renting an rv

  1. Booking your rental during the off-season will save you money
  2. Fall, spring and better yet winter, are some of the best seasons to rent an rv. The busiest time for renting rvs is during the summer months. This busy season also carries with it higher prices for campgrounds, taxes, fees, and rv rental prices. Prices go up during these months as summer is known to be the best time for people to camp. Planning your trip or rental before or after the summer season will definitely save you a couple dollars.

  3. Be prepared to drive a bigger vehicle

Reasons to use OUTDOORSY

  • Up to $1 Million Insurance on Approved Bookings
  • RV Rentals Roadside Assistance available 24/7
  • Searchable rv rentals online
  • Camper & Motorhome Rental Options in the thousands
  • More than 5,000 5-Star Reviews online

This rental business has locations all over the United States, Mexico and Canada. This allows you to rent rvs from almost anywhere. You just have to go onto their website, enter your destination, choose a pick up date and a drop off date and then you will be greeted with thousands of options to choose from.

Outdoorsy is a good option for everyone who decides to rent their rvs out on their website. This website does all the investigating for you so you don't have to go out and find out everything about the renters. If you want a safe way to rent out your rv, then OUTDOORSY is the way to go.

Is renting out your rv it?

No matter how many times i have been asked this question, the answer always have been and always will be yes. The only time i would advise against renting out your rv is if you are the type of person who tend to worry a lot. Then maybe renting out your home on wheels isn't the best thing as having a stranger drive away with your home on wheels might put you in that worrying state.

If you always wanted to be an rv owner and made the big jump of investing in one, then renting out your rv could be the best thing to help with paying the monthly payment. If you own a Class A Motorhome then you can rent it for upwards of $250 per night. This inflow of cash can pay almost all of your yearly payment that is due on your rig by just renting it out for a couple nights per year. Having people who are willing to rent your rv 1 week at a time would be perfect as that would be $1,750 for just one week out of a month.

Reasons why people rent rvs

  • You get to spend quality time with the ones you love
  • You get to rest and relax while enjoying sceneries
  • Ability to explore places you always wanted to explore
  • You get a break from your regular day to day

Renting an rv from anyone or any business gives you the opportunity to be yourself or be someone you have always wanted to be. You get to enjoy the open road and to meet people from all walks of life at rv parks or campgrounds. Staying at rv parks open many possibilities of meeting new and fun people as people who own rvs are generally merry people.

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