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10 Best Rv Awnings to make your outdoor space better

An Rv awning has a number of purposes or uses, the most notable one is that they give your rv a better look. Window and door awnings gives owners and guests some shade and protect them from rain, while Rv slide-topper awnings protect the roof from damage. Rv awnings allow rv owners to have more guests or family on their patio due to the increased amount of space they provide.

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Benefits to using an rv awning

  • An rv awning increases the space around the rv.
  • They give protection from the wind, sun, or rainfall.
  • If you want to rest outside your rv, without being in the sun, you can rest under the rv awning as you sip on some coffee or watch videoes on youtube.
  • If you have a screen type awning, you can also use it as a shelter from critters, bugs, as well as various other insects.

Here are some of the best rv awnings you can buy to upgrade your rv. Go through the whole list to see which one best fits your needs.

  1. Carefree VXJE50HW 12V Electric RV Awning

  2. carefree eclipse

    The Carefree Eclipse is known to be the only adjustable 12V power awning readily available to the market!

    You only need to push the button and hold it. You do this in order to extend the Eclipse awning partially or a complete 8' expansion in only seconds. The worm-gear motor that is billow-proof unfolds the rafter arms, the canopy move up the upright track on the side of the coach to release a secure, truss-like, support above.

    For the very best defense against rain, simply adjust both or one of the arms to the lowest setting available. Choose from 6 fast adjustments per arm to obtain the ideal pitch for shade. Simply pressing and holding the button will retract the rv awning from the setting that has been set previously.

    • All needed hardware is included
    • Electric functionality
    • Arms are strong and offer great support when retracted or extended
    • Pitch adjustment is easy
    • Roller Tube Assembly not included in initial purchase
  3. Tentproinc RV Awning

  4. Tentproinc RV Awning

    This is a mesh sunlight shade awning by Tentproinc that is meant to be used on hot summer season days to supply shade from the wind and UV rays. It can be attached alongside your existing awning, so you can hook it to the ground or to the edge of the current awning, producing an amazing screen for you.

    The mesh quality is strong and also long lasting, so you do not have to fret about the mesh starting to tear or worry about it tearing when you hook it up to the ground. The business also declares that the rv awning can block out about 86% of all UV rays while not limiting any visibility. The awning will keep you cool while you have good visibility.

    The only problem you might encounter is that it does not feature any mesh sides. You do have a mesh display, but the sides however are left exposed. If you're camping in the evening and want to utilize it for keeping out bugs and insects, you'll need to purchase the sides individually. This really felt a little bit like a cash money grab to me, but you have to decide if you can do without the meshed sides or do you need them.


    • Easy to install and attach
    • Visibility is great
    • Durable and light mesh
    • No sides are included in initial purchase
    • Needs support to stand

  5. Solera 14' Family Room Awning

  6. Solera 14' Family Room Awning

    The Solera Family Room is a great option for the very best awning screen space since it's the very best alternative for producing a fully-enclosed outside home straight off the primary door of your Recreational Vehicle and below your existing awning.

    It can be set up on other Recreational Vehicle awnings with a comparable measurement. And the living or family room has an overall weight of no more than 28 pounds. As soon as this is set up, this awning enclosure is easily accessed from the outdoors using zippered personal privacy panels.

    The Solera Family Room is likewise constructed to be used with any travel trailer awnings that has a ground-to-rail measurement of no more than 130 inches.

    That is the height from the outside rail to the ground of the awning when it is completely extended. This offers roughly 11 feet of overhead clearance. 11 feet of space under the awning and living area.

    Its gray material color is developed to match the existing color pattern of your Recreational Vehicle. The panels will easily keep out all wind and rain and likewise provide you a personal outside home in otherwise-crowded Recreational Vehicle parks and resorts.

    This living room fits most 14 foot Recreational Vehicle awnings and it can be set up on either manual or electrical awnings.

    • Fits 8' Projection Solera
    • Lightweight
    • Easily fit onto rvs with awning ground to rail up to 130"
    • Great Price
    • Introduces extra privacy while on the outside
    • Might be hard to set up for some people by themselves
    • View might be hindered with the installation of this awning
  7. Dometic 944NS11.FJ1 Camping Trailer Awning

  8. Dometic 944NS11.FJ1 Camping Trailer Awning

    Keep in mind that this awning does not included the awning rail itself, which is generally set up straight on your Recreational Vehicle from the factory.

    The edges of this awning consist of zippers in order to quickly connect a Dometic screen room or something similar to the Solera Family Room.

    This awning product has a light sandstone color. This is best for keep out the heat and keeping the area cool throughout the summer season. As you may already know, it's perfect for summertime outdoor camping or full-timers that stick to warmer areas.

    It features all of the poles and hardware that are required for a total setup without needing to make several journeys to your regional Recreational Vehicle warehouse or store.

    If you want to put a 11-foot Recreational Vehicle awning on a smaller sized outdoor camping trailer then a great option would be the Dometic 944NS11. It is very simple to use and light-weight.

    When using this rv awning, make sure that the current awning rail you have is at least 11'6".

    Shade, Canopy and Shelter Awnings for your RV

    • Shade rv awning
    • A shade awning is merely a canopy that can be attached to the side of an RV to supply shade. This is extremely beneficial during summer days. They are very easy to install, and can be used alongside a drop-down mesh sun panel to give extra shade.

    • Canopy rv awning
    • Canopies resemble shade rv awnings, they're however more resilient and made of much more durable materials. Canopy awnings also provide extra protection against the rain and string winds.

    • Shelter rv awning
    • Shelters serve the same feature as the shade type awning and canopy, yet they're made of harder type of fiberglass material or plastic. These types of awnings also provides extra protection for the exterior exterior of rvs. They can hold up against most harsh elements. Nevertheless, they're also heavy and tough to both set up and take apart.

    How to Clean an RV Awning?

    Things to consider when purchasing an rv

    • Price
    • If you are spending anywhere from $200 or below, you'll just find substitute fabrics for Recreational Vehicle awnings. Those costs in between $200 and $800 typically consist of arms and also roller assemblies. If you want to invest huge on a top-of-the-line rv awning, including electrical ones, be prepared to spend $800 or more.

    • Awning crank
    • The awning crank expands and also withdraws the awning which can be hands-on or electric. Hand-operated cranks are extra economical and take just a few minutes to close or open. While electric cranks are known to be convenient, they are expensive and also draw a significant amount of power from a battery in order to operate.

    • Parts Assembly
    • If your rv has an awning, you might not have to replace the arms in order to mount the brand-new one. Just make sure they are intact, if they are, then that's great. you will definitely save some money. If not, you might be required to bump up your spending limit. You can purchase the arms and roller assembly separately. These are either packaged with awning fabric or sold individually.

    • Material Type
    • Awning fabric is the least costly element of any type of rv awning. Some manufacturers will have a variety of layouts from which to select. For others, particularly lower-priced materials, you may be limited to just two or one option.


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