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Summertime is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor recreational activities, and there are plenty of fun ones that you can do right at home! This blog post will give you some ideas for how to enjoy the great outdoors without ever having to leave your backyard. So grab your sunscreen and bug spray, put on your favorite summer outfit, and let's get started.

First of all, you need to figure out what type of recreational activity you would enjoy doing. Would you be ok doing activities that require lots of physical activity? If so, then you'll want to take a look at our first outdoor summer activity idea.

  • Play Sports In Your Backyard
  • Playing sports in your backyard is the perfect way to get some exercise while having fun with friends or family members. You can play anything from basketball and football to volleyball and soccer, depending on how much space you have available in your backyard. Many people even build sandboxes in their backyard for playing beach sports, such as soccer, football, and volleyball.

  • Make your own slip-n-slide
  • This activity calls for water and soap. It is fun to watch, and involves running on a tarp-like surface with soap suds underneath. Please note that you should not do this activity if your yard is easily or frequently inundated with water, as the soapy water will wash away during rainstorms. If your yard is prone to flooding, it's probably best to avoid this activity altogether.

  • Paintball
  • Paintball is an awesome game for people of all ages. The game itself can be played by individuals or groups of people (during which players are split up into teams), and requires the use of paintball guns. Players attempt to eliminate their opponents by shooting them with these paintball guns while simultaneously avoiding getting hit themselves.

    Be prepared to clean up lots of paint after you play. Paintball is a contact sport, and paint from the balls will get everywhere when they break. In order to play safely and effectively, players will need to put in lots of effort into clean up before they leave the premises. After each round or match, be prepared.

  • Start with a simple game of catch
  • This might not seem like the most fun game, but it is actually one of the best ways to bond with your kids. You can use their ball or get them a new one (great way to burn some extra energy on Christmas morning). Most likely they will want to play catch in the house, so remember to try and keep the ball low so you don't break anything.

  • Wrestle your dog
  • We all love our furry friends, but sometimes wrestling with them outside can be fun too. My breed of choice for this game is boxer/ pit mix . All dogs are different though , so please consult your vet before playing any games with your own 4-legged friend. Kids will love to join in on this type of fun, and it will help them burn off some excess energy.

  • Tennis/ Ping Pong
  • If you have a big enough yard, then tennis or ping-pong can be fun for kids. You can even opt to get a table top version of either one so that it doesn't take up too much room inside the house. Kids love this game because they don't have to run around as much, but they will still get a good workout in.

  • Play Frisbee
  • Find a nice open area in your yard and a frisbee for everyone, then play catch! Be sure to mix it up between offense and defense . No other sport is more fun than playing catch with your family on a beautiful day outside. It will make everyone happy and they can run around a little bit.d here where you can enjoy this sport out doors.

  • Horseshoes
  • This is another fun game that the whole family can join together on. Who knows, maybe you will even get them to drink a little bit. It's a great way for everyone to bond over good old fashioned competition! Plus it gets you outside, which is what we are all going for here.

  • Your kids will love you for this idea. They can even bring their friends, but make sure it stays in your home. You don't want them running off to the park or someplace dangerous. Be sure to hide special Easter eggs in your home and give them clues and they will be busy finding the items for hours.

  • Film a home movie
  • This could possibly be setup like you would be at the theater. This gives you the opportunity to show off your home and you can even use this for a party later on if you want. It's fun and exciting. Try to play a popular movie that everyone knows and give the kids a few boxes of tissues for this one.


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  • Everyone loves this game and kids especially love playing against their parents. Don't tell them who you are though because it will ruin everything! Kids love games like these where they have to guess who you are based on how you answer their questions.

  • This one is great for the car, when they have to try to guess what noise or sound they heard. Make it more difficult by having them not tell you which device it came from, such as your CD Player or the blender in the kitchen.

  • Just like guessing who and naming that sound, this game gives them a list of activities and they only get to pick one for each turn. Everyone loves something on their terms so let them feel like they're calling some shots too. This game is fun when you're all done with homework and want to do something fun in the evening.

  • Have fun with this by asking them questions about their favorite toppings and debating on whether there is a right or wrong answer. For a new twist, add some toppings that you know they hate and see what happens.


This article was written with the intent of giving readers some ideas for outdoor activities as the leaves begin to change colors. I hope readers will be inspired to use this time for some fun and exciting activities with their family. Nothing brings a family together more than sharing a couple hours of activities together.

The bond built while participating in these activities will help kids grow up together. You never know, these activities can be a great source for some great family stories.

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