What Is A Rooftop tent? What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Rooftop Tents

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Anyone who has spent a summer camping knows that one of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors is to get up off the ground and sleep in the open air. While there are many different types of tents on the market, a rooftop tent is becoming an increasingly popular option, thanks to its many benefits. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider buying a rooftop tent for your next camping trip.

What is a rooftop tent?

A rooftop tent is a type of tent that mounts to the top of your vehicle. It is often used by campers and people who love to go on long trips. With the rooftop tent, you can drive to where you want to set up camp instead of having to carry all your supplies to the campsite. Once your camp site is ready, you can climb into bed and enjoy a good night's sleep whenever you please.

Rooftop tents are available in two different styles: pop-up and hard shell.

The hard shell rooftop tents are usually much heavier than the pop-up variety since they don't collapse down as well once taken off the vehicle; however this also means that they tend to be easier for one person to remove or install without the help of another person.

The pop-up style rooftop tent is generally lighter and easier to carry, but it can be difficult for one person to set up on their own.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider buying a rooftop tent for your next camping trip.
  1. Increased privacy
  2. The increased privacy that comes along with being in a rooftop tent is one of the major benefits of sleeping above the ground. There are few things worse than trying to sleep in a cramped, uncomfortable tent with your family and friends nearby. With rooftop tents, you can be sure that you will have plenty of room to stretch out and relax.

    If everyone has their own rooftop tent, each camper can feel like they have their own private space, which means that no one has to feel self-conscious about turning over or making some other subtle movement.

  3. Increased ventilation
  4. One common problem with standard tents is that there is often little room for airflow. This is especially true when you are camping in the summer months, since heat rises and it becomes increasingly difficult for oxygen to flow through the tent's walls.

    Since rooftop tents are built directly on top of your car, this problem simply does not exist. The rooftop tent basically acts as a portable sunroof where fresh air can come rushing in whenever you need it most.

    If you love spending time outdoors but hate being stuck inside of a stuffy tent all day, then a rooftop tent will be your best bet.

    Rooftop tents feature increased ventilation compared to traditional ground-based tents. It's noting that many people choose rooftop tents specifically because they feel more comfortable with better airflow at night. This is especially nice during periods of hot weather, since it gives campers an opportunity to sleep without feeling too warm.

  5. Added security
  6. Campers who set their tents up on the ground will always have to be on the lookout for animals trying to get into their tents. Rooftop tents, however, are elevated well above the ground and animals tend to keep their distance since they cannot reach rooftops. This means less hassle for campers who would rather not deal with animals in their sleeping quarters.

    Some rooftop tent manufacturers also offer protective covers that protect the base of the tent from animal damage while still allowing air to pass through. If you're camping in an area known for its bear population, this added protection can give you peace of mind.

    A camping trip can be ruined if you don't have the peace of mind that you're safe from wild animals. If you want to avoid worrying about whether or not it's safe for you to go to sleep, you should definitely check out a rooftop tent. They're easy to assemble and offer amazing protection from the elements.

    Rooftop tents are also much easier to enter and exit than ground-level tents . If your camping trip involves climbing up steep hills or traveling over rugged terrain, this can make all the difference. Rooftop tents are durable because they are elevated well above the ground, so they won't be damaged by water or rocks like other types of tents might be.

  7. Keeps you off rocks, roots and other hard surfaces
  8. Setting up a traditional tent on uneven ground is frustrating at best and downright dangerous at worst. It's easy to fall over if your foot catches yourself on the edge of a rock or root and if you're not careful, it's easy to cut your hands on things like sharp rocks, thorns and other objects that can easily damage a floorless tent.

    Rooftop tents are elevated off the ground so all of these issues are avoided.

  9. Cheaper Than Owning An Rv
  10. Owning an rv can be very costly. Even if you decide to go for an older model, it will still need maintenance every now and then. A rooftop tent eliminates the cost of owning an rv. You can even carry them with you when hiking or camping.

    A rooftop tent will eliminate the hustle of setting up an rv. Rvs have many hidden costs that come along with them. You need to pay for insurance, maintenance, the large amount of gasoline needed to transport your rv plus the cost of buying an rv. Rooftop tents are cheaper because they don't have any hidden costs.

  11. Rooftop Tents Are Durable
  12. These types of tents tend to be more durable that other types of regular tents that are setup on the ground. This is because they are raised off the ground so it's easy to avoid sharp objects that could tear or puncture the fabric. This also makes them extremely resistant to water damage because rain can easily slide right off.

    The durability of a rooftop tent is sure to give you more value for your money over time no matter what type of terrain you're camping on.

    Rooftop tents are usually built using weatherproof materials. These weatherproof materials includes but are not limited to: aluminum or steel threaded plate and canvas. Tents that are used on the ground are usually built using lighter and thinner materials because they are built with portability in mind. However, this makes them much more prone to being damaged with time depending on where you're using them.

    The additional height of a rooftop tent gives the adventurer plenty of space to stand up comfortably underneath it. This provides easy access into and out of the tent as well as giving enough room for cooking or storing larger camping equipment that would not normally fit inside of a standard ground tent.

    Most rooftop tents are extremely adaptable; they can be used in many different types of weather conditions. There are even models available today that include attached rainflys which make them even more adaptable to whatever Mother Nature decides to do.

  13. Rooftop Tents Are Easier To Clean
  14. Since these types of tents are elevated off the ground, they are much easier to clean compared to standard floorless tents that are setup directly on dirt. If you mess up while setting up, no problem, just hose them down and they'll be as good as new in no time at all.

  15. More Room To Spare
  16. Rooftop tents are floorless giving you more room in your tent compared to a standard setup. If you're camping with kids or pets, this will be very beneficial to you since additional floor space will give them more room to move around and play without tripping on each other or stepping on rocks/sticks etc underneath them.


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A rooftop tent will be best suited for you if you like to travel and camp in all different types of weather conditions. They are extremely easy to setup, take down, and store away. And lastly, they are much easier to clean compared to regular floorless tents.

A rooftop tent will be best suited for you if you like to travel and camp in all different types of weather conditions. They are extremely easy to setup, take down, and store away. And lastly, they are much easier to clean compared to regular floorless tents.

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