How To Tent Camp in 30 Degree Weather – Full Guide

yellow tent camping in 30 degree weather

Camping in 30 degree weather does not have to be a bad experience. Just like with any type of weather, you can prepare and keep yourself safe.

Tent camping can be one of the most enjoyable activities you participate in, especially if you are prepared for your trip. During the winter months, however, many people forego this pastime because they are worried about not being able to experience it comfortably. There are several tips and tricks which will allow you to enjoy tent camping even when temperatures reach below freezing point.

Here are some tips for camping in 30 degree weather:

  • Know the temperature - The temperature outside might seem relatively mild, but know what it will feel like inside your tent . It is easy to assume that because there is not a lot of wind and the sun came out that it must be warmer. However, when temperatures drop at night things can get very cold fast. As soon as you're done setting up camp, be sure to check the temperature throughout the evening and also take into consideration how high or low it might get.
  • Dress accordingly - You need to make sure you dress properly in order to stay warm when camping in 30 degree weather. Even if it does not feel that cold outside, there are still lots of dangers of the cold. For your feet make sure you have socks on. Also make sure to wear long pants and you can wear a sweatshirt or something similar to keep yourself warm at night while sleeping in 30 degree weather.
  • Wear layers - When it comes to layering there are two different types of layers you need for camping in 30 degree weather . The first layer is close to your body will help trap heat inside of them so they can actually do their job. A great example would be wearing thermal underwear under your clothes. The second type is an outer shell. This will protect you from any bad weather conditions outdoors such as rain, snow, wind etc... Thermal underwear are good for this layer because they are not very bulky and can fit into your bag easily.
  • Sleeping Bag - Getting a good sleeping bag for this kind of weather is a must if you don't want to be spending a night in an emergency shelter. A 30 degree sleeping bag will keep you from freezing throughout the night so make sure it's high quality! You also have to consider whether or not you have a good sleeping pad . If it has poor insulation, the cold ground may seep up through it and cause you to get chilly at night. For maximum warmth, use both together.
  • Camping Tent - A great tent with excellent insulation will help keep you warm at night while camping in 30 degree weather or any bad weather condition for that matter. In addition, a tent with a rainfly can help keep you protected from the rain and wind. Make sure to check that it has good ventilation too because if you have poor airflow inside your tent, that will quickly cause condensation which is just water dripping off of the walls and onto you. No one wants to wake up in a puddle.

Camping in 30 degree weather can be lots of fun but also come with lots of dangers. Below we will go over some things you should consider before going on a camping trip like this or what to do while you're on a camping trip like this. One thing to always remember is that you can never be too prepared when you plan on camping in cold weather.


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Be Prepared for Things to Go Wrong

When camping in 30 degree weather, make sure you are prepared for anything because anything can go wrong . Do not forget fire starter [or any other equipment]. Bring extra batteries [make sure they're charged] or else if your flashlight dies on your way back from the bathroom at night, you'll wish you had them. If you do forget something important to you, try and borrow from friends or other campers.

Campfires can't be forgotten because they're not just for making food and weenies – without them, everything would start to feel really cold and dark and that's no place anyone wants to be. Besides, the nice smell of a crackling fire is so relaxing too.

Take Care of Yourself!

Make sure you eat well when camping in 30 degree weather because it will keep your energy boosted. The air might even make you feel hungrier than usual so don't be afraid to eat extra snacks before bed! Just remember: never go to sleep hungry or else you'll wake up exhausted and cranky (and possibly with a headache), but if you do end up going to sleep hungry, try to eat something before you go to bed.

How to hydrate in 30-Degree Weather

Staying hydrated in low temperatures is important because it is easy to catch a cold when you're out in the elements for long periods of time. Keep yourself hydrated by bringing plenty of fluids along with you into the outdoors, and be sure to drink them.

How to sleep comfortably while camping in 30 degree weather

No camping trip will be enjoyable if you are not able to sleep well! Bring along a warm sleeping bag and extra blankets to ensure that you will be able to sleep soundly.

The right sleeping bag will be one that is rated for below-freezing weather.

How to avoid the cold during tent camping in 30 degree weather

An important part of staying warm during a camping trip is dressing appropriately for your environment! Wear layers, and be sure to cover your face, ears, and hands.

Be sure to wear clothing that covers as much of your body as possible. Wool or synthetic materials are good options because they are less likely to absorb water.

Try not to camp in direct snow

Camping in direct snow can be dangerous, so try to avoid it if possible. If snow is all around, try to place an adequate number of warm layers between the snow and your body.

One great way to stay warm is cooking inside of your tent! This will help you to maintain an adequate temperature inside the tent all night long.

If possible, set up a camping stove inside your tent so that you can cook for yourself without having to go outside. This is especially helpful if there are other people in the campground who have heating devices that might affect your personal space or cause too much smoke. You can also keep them closer rather than having to go out every time you need something out of your car which could be potentially dangerous if it is around 0 degrees.

Get a Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

A cold weather sleeping bag will ensure that you maintain a high body temperature while you sleep. If necessary, add an additional sleeping bag liner to your cold weather sleeping bag so that it will be even warmer and pack lighter for the hike to your campsite.

Take Plenty of Warm Drinks and Food

It can get very chilly at night when camping in 30 degree weather. Make sure you bring plenty of warm drinks and food to help keep yourself from getting too cold during the night. You should also bundle up before going to bed by wearing extra layers and clothing such as hats, socks, boots, etc. This will make it easier for you to fall asleep faster which is crucial if you are trying to stay warm.

Protect Your Water Supply from Freezing

In order for you to stay hydrated, you need to protect your supply of water in the outdoors. Make sure you bring plenty of bottles or jugs of water with you when heading out on your trip. If they do happen to start to freeze, simply let them thaw before drinking. This also helps keep them from freezing all the way.

How to keep your water supply from freezing?

It's not always easy to keep your water supply from freezing in 30 degree weather, but, below i will go over how to go about doing this.

  • Before you go to bed, make sure your water supply is covered. Doing this will keep dew from collecting on the bottles and creating ice that will freeze them over.
  • If you do happen to notice that your water supply has started to freeze, begin breaking up the ice until it's in small pieces.
  • You can use a styrofoam cooler to put the water in. This will help insulate it and keep it from freezing all the way through.
  • If you don't have a styrofoam cooler, place your water bottle between sleeping bags and clothes to create an insulating layer.

How To Keep Your Sleeping Bag Warm in 30 Degree Weather?

When you are planning for your trip, try packing in some extra thick socks that have grips on the bottom for getting around in cold weather. They should be worn underneath your regular socks.

Bring a softshell jacket which is fill with Primaloft that will be easy to in and out of and yet able to keep you warm.

Walking is a Great Way to Keep Warm

Start walking around slowly and then pick up the pace as you warm yourself up more and more. You can either walk along trails or just even walk in circles nearby your campsite for increased blood flow through your body which will help you stay warmer all night long. Don't forget that this is also a great way to work off excess energy if you are feeling restless so it's beneficial for both keeping warm and keeping active.

If there is a chance of rain, bring a large packable jacket that can fit over your current jacket as a rain shell to protect you from the rain and the cold water. This way your primary coat won't get wet and heavy which could make you cold throughout the night.

Eat Well Beforehand

Before leaving for your camping trip, eat a full meal of foods that are high in protein and carbohydrates, but low in fat. This will give your body the energy it needs to stay warm throughout the night, but not have you feeling weighed down by greasy food. This will also give yopu enough time to focus on getting your campsite setup quickly instead of trying to find something to eat which can take away precious time.

Wear Long Underwear Under Your Clothes

It may seem counter-intuitive to wear clothes underneath of your clothes, but it actually helps to keep you warmer at night. The clothes that you sleep in should be made from a material which can breath, but have enough insulation to trap your body heat. If this sounds like it would be uncomfortable, consider having two sets of long underwear for sleeping - one set that is worn during the day and then washed at night before bed. This will allow them to dry overnight so they are fresh for another days outing.

If you're going to be tent camping during a regular season, here is a camping list when you tent camp.


So now you know everything there is to know about sleeping in sub-freezing weather. All that is left to do is go out there and have fun while following everything that you've learned in this post.

Remember that frostbite is no laughing matter and should be avoided at all costs. If you do get frostbite, seek medical help immediately.

Thank you for reading this post! We hope that you enjoyed it and maybe even learned something new about camping in 30 degree weather. Have a great day.

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