Tips for Taking a Dog Camping for the First Time

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When we’re bored with our everyday life, planning a camping trip is the most exciting thing. However, the question raised is whether you should go with your dog? Or what should you do if you decide to go with your dog for the first time?

Camping with your dog can be the most exciting one if you know the rules and the regulations of the campsite. Moreover, you should train or get your dog ready for the camping trip. You don't want to frighten your dog when they are in a new place.

If you train your dog properly then they can be the best adventure buddies for you. Your dogs can be a fantastic companion on your trail or even in the campground. Get more essential tips here while you’re planning your latest outdoor adventure.

Tips for Taking a Dog Camping for the First Time

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The following tips will help you take your dog on its first camping trip. Before heading to the campsite, make sure to remember these tips.

  • Vaccinations for Camping
  • Before you fix the camping date, make all the vaccinations and the medications up-to-date for your dogs. When you’re out, they will provide your dog a solid line of defense against any kind of severe disease. Most dogs are not fully vaccinated until they are five months old, so you should wait until then. If you recently adopted your dog from the shelter, make sure they received their second round of vaccines before going for a camp.

  • Bedding and Trap
  • bedding and tarp for camping with dogs

    An air mattress for camping with dogs can be more than a bed. Carrying an air mattress is easy, and it doesn’t need extra storage but comforts like traditional beds. You should pick the special one rather than the regular one, which is puncture resistant. You can also bring your dog’s own sleeping pad to give them extra comfort. Lay a trap under the bed of your dogs, and this will provide them with insulation.

  • Select a Large Tent
  • Dogs take up too much space in bed according to their body size; that’s why you’ll require a larger tent that you’d generally need. When you’re camping with your dog and a friend, then take a 4-person tent rather than two people. The larger your tent will be, the sound sleep you’ll get at night.

  • Practice Training
  • If your puppy is new to a camp, then do a training expedition in your backyard. Though most dogs love to go outside, many of them get frightened and nervous. The problem is that they might have a hard time sleeping at night, preventing you from hiking the next day. So trying a night camping in a tent in your backyard is a good option for the first time.

  • Prepare for Weather
  • Checkout the weather conditions before you’re heading to the camping. Thunderstorms can be an anxious issue for your dogs if it’s the rainy season. Taking thunder jackets, blankets can be very useful. When it’s hot weather, you can bring a water-soaked vest, or even a cooling collar can be a saver for your dog. In cold weather, you should take a doggy jacket and a sleeping bag which will be helpful to be warm.

  • Don’t Leave Them Alone
  • Leaving your dogs alone when you’re at home is common talk. However, this trick will not be going to be safe while you’re in a camp. Leaving your puppy in the tent or tied to a tree can be risky for you, too, if there are any wild animals wandering. If you think that you can't keep an eye on your dogs all the time, then it’ll be better to leave them at home.

  • Bring Doggy First Aid Kit
  • Most dog first aid kits have similar tools to a human medical kit. Having a first aid kit close by is a must if you spend more time outside while camping. If you’re more concerned, then you can take an online pet aid course. You can also go with the Red Crosss’ pet first aid app and get an immediate solution.

  • Consider Campsite Privacy
  • Dogs easily get distracted by noises, and sometimes it’s even nothing. Try to choose a campsite which is far from any noise or other campers. Pet-friendly camping provides your dog with plenty of space to explore without other campers or dogs riled up. Commit sure that the campsite has some shade where your dog can take a rest and have some trees in which you can leash them.

  • Food, Water, and Dog Bowls
  • While your dogs are in a camp with you, they do more activity and consume a lot of energy than ever. So, they need extra food and water in the camp. Feed them some extra food and keep them hydrated throughout the day. If you feed them once a day, in a camp, try to feed them twitch. You can also bring their regular bowl or handy-dandy collapsible bowl and water bottle.

  • Poop Bags or Dog Waste Bags
  • You should remember that dog dropping is not a natural thing which you can keep on the camp. As a responsible camper, you should bring dog waste bags to pick up their poop.

  • Doggy Backpack
  • bedding and tarp for camping with dogs

    If you’re going to hike dog-friendly trails, then you should take a backpack for your dogs. Your dog can carry some of their own things, and that makes them sensible too.

  • Bring Towels for Your Dog
  • If your dog loves to roll in the mud and jump in the water, then you should get prepared with more than a towel to keep them dry. An ultra quick-drying microfiber towel can be a savior to them. The thinness of these towels allows you to carry two with ease.

  • Toys to Calm Them
  • Make sure that you’re packing some of the favorite toys of your dogs for camping. It is possible that they may get stressed when they go on a trail for the first time. Their toys will give them some time to play and get relieved.

  • Booties or Paw Protection
  • The most important thing is paw protection which will also protect your dog from ice or hot sand, rock, and other debris. If you think that your husky can run in the snow with ease, to give extra protection in winter camp, you should keep these. Carrying two sets of booties can be beneficial.

  • Give Them A Safe Space
  • Some dogs are not that comfortable when they are outdoors or camping. They may get disturbed by the noise or the other wild animals. If you feel that they’re not comfortable at the camping, you should give them their own safe space. Keep them quiet to calm them down.


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Packing your backpack and setting up your tent can be more enjoyable when your dogs are trailing with you. Test your gears before you rush to the camp. Doing a practice night out with your dog in your backyard can be a great trick, and this can be very helpful for your dogs to adapt to the situation. With these bits of preparations, your first camp with dogs can be memorable too. Follow all these tricks and pamper your dogs to go with you and get the best camping ever.

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