7 Best cycling shorts for women

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Cycling shorts are a type of spandex clothing that is designed to be worn while riding a bicycle. They increase comfort and protection while cycling. The most important feature of any cycling short is the padding, or chamois, that it contains. These shorts can range in price from $10–$200 depending on quality and brand. We reviewed the best women's cycling shorts below so you can find the right pair for your specific needs!

  1. Pearl Izumi - Ride Women's Select Escape Short

  2. pearl izumi biking short

    You can wear these shorts for a casual ride or out on the town with friends. The Pearl Izumi - Ride Women’s Select Escape Shorts are made with an elastic waistband, so they are easy to get on and off. They also feature the Pearl Izumi Select Escape 1:1 Chamois Padded Insert. This insert is soft, comfy and breathable. It will keep you comfortable while you are riding and you won't feel like your shorts are suffocating your legs either.

    The fabric used in these shorts is lightweight and quick drying, so it will not stick to your legs when you start to sweat or if you accidentally sit in a puddle of water at the park. If you start to really sweat during your ride, this fabric will wick away moisture from your body so that it can evaporate quickly instead of leaving you wet, sticky and uncomfortable.

  3. Shebeest - Petunia Short

  4. shebeest petunia biking short

    These shorts are a bit of a splurge, but the quality is it. The Petunia short features a wide waistband with an adjustable drawstring for comfort and chafe-free seams for great fit. This short comes in several colors and patterns, too.

    The shorts have a gusseted crotch and flat seams to prevent chafing, because that's just cruel and unusual punishment. The material is also moisture-wicking so you won't be bothered by your own sweat while you're going up that uphill climb, no matter what the weather is like outside. The slim fit of these shorts ensures they'll stay out of your way while you pedal, making them the perfect option for all types of riders, from casual to serious roadies!

  5. Louis Garneau - Fit Sensor 2 Shorts

  6. e Louis Garneau - Fit Sensor 2 Shorts are made of a light, stretchy, breathable fabric. With a wide waistband that doesn't pinch and a chamois with a honeycomb gel pad, these shorts conform to your body like any well-worn pair of black leggings. They'll make you feel like you can keep riding for hours, even if you just pedal the short distance from your home to the neighborhood coffee shop. (And if you do plan on hitting the road for longer rides, there's also an anti-bacterial treatment that helps keep down odor.)

    Plus, you'll be able to show them off in two colors: black with white accents or an understated all-black. Though both options have similar patterns and reflectivity strips on each leg, they're both different enough that you can easily get away with buying two pairs.

  7. Louis Garneau - Lemmon Vent Shorts

  8. The Louis Garneau Lemmon Vent 2 shorts are made with the brand's Lumen material, which is lightweight and breathable. The medium-level compression fabric also utilizes antibacterial technology to reduce chafing back there. The six panels allow for a full range of motion while riding, while the regular fit prevents chafing if you're wearing them under baggy shorts or downhill armor.

  9. Terry Bicycles - Actif Bike Short

  10. If you're looking for a classic pair of bike shorts that don't force you to sacrifice your sense of style, look no further than the Terry Bicycles Ooh La La Shorts. With a shorter inseam and classic styling, these cycling shorts will have you feeling as good as you look.

    Made with the traditional Lycra fabric, the Ooh La La Shorts are flexible and can move with your body shape to ensure a comfortable ride. The shorts are made of lightweight, breathable material to help you stay cool while out on the road or walking your bike up steep hills. These shorts give your body coverage with their stretchy material so they won't chafe or rub while riding or stretching afterwards.

    The Terry Bicycles Actif bike Shorts also feature silicone grippers around the hem so they stay in place while riding (no matter if it's sitting on a stationary bike or road biking) without digging into your skin uncomfortably like other cycling shorts often do. Terry's women-specific design means that even though these are unisex shorts, they were designed specifically for women and their bodies. The 6" inseam is perfect for petite frames without making them look too bulky under shorter skirts and dresses.

  11. Zoic - Ether Short

  12. After working as a mountain bike racer for years, I've learned that the best shorts are made of breathable material and offer the perfect amount of coverage. They don't hurt my back or my knees when I'm pedaling, and they provide enough support to keep me safe while keeping me cool in the summer heat.

    Are you looking for a women's cycling short? If so, you're going to love these Zoic Ether Short shorts! The fabric is incredibly light and comfortable, which means you can wear them throughout the year without getting too hot or sweaty. It's also less restrictive than other cycling shorts, which means you'll be able to pedal with more freedom—and won't have to worry about bunching up your muscles and causing fatigue.

    There are a couple more things about these Zoic Ether Shorts mentioning:
    • The waistband uses a special technology that manages moisture well on long rides by wicking it away from your legs. You'll feel fresher longer in this short!
    • The inside of these shorts is lined with an antibacterial material that keeps odors at bay. These features make your overall riding experience better by keeping sweat from forming on your skin and stinking up the whole place!
  13. Evolution Bib Short

  14. If you're in the market for a pair of bib shorts, you'll need to consider the strap design. Bib shorts will have either thin shoulder straps or wide shoulder straps. Wide shoulder straps with more coverage are better for women and smaller riders as they won't dig into your shoulders and can be more comfortable when riding in a lower aero position. If you want the padding (chamois) to feel like an extension of your anatomy, these bibs are every penny. The anatomical shape is designed to fit the female body and reduce friction while pedaling while the seamless leg bands create a smooth silhouette that stays put without squeezing your thighs.

How do you choose the best cycling shorts?

Choosing the best cycling shorts for you starts by finding a pair that fits, feels comfortable, and suits your body type. Once you've got that down, there are other factors to consider before investing in your new cycling shorts.

If you've ever worn a pair of uncomfortable or badly fitting clothes and if you're like most people, this is probably true, then you know how crucial it is to pick out clothes that fit properly. Well-fitted clothing not only looks good, but it's important for our comfort and confidence as well, which can really affect our performance.

The second thing to look at when picking out cycling shorts is the quality of the stitching. A high-quality stitch will have a flat appearance on both sides of the garment; an inferior stitch might have visible loops on one side or may even be uneven between the two sides (which can lead to irritation over long periods of time). This isn't just an aesthetic consideration either, the right kind of stitching will also help ensure proper ventilation so you don't overheat while riding uphill in hotter weather.


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How to prevent saddle sore?

Saddle sore is something quite common among cyclists. There are various factors that may lead to saddle sore such as riding long distance and in wrong cycling shorts. When you are on the road for a long time, the friction of your saddle on your skin can create sores. To avoid this scenario, you should make sure to keep yourself clean and dry before every ride. You should also invest in good quality cycling shorts with padding that can absorb sweat considerably, keeping you comfortable and preventing saddle sore at the same time. Apart from wearing appropriate cycling shorts, you should also make sure to get a good saddle with the right amount of padding because it will ease off pressure in that area.

Tips for buying women's cycling shorts

Cycling shorts are not a one-size-fits-all purchase. If you want to figure out what style is right for you, it's important to first get your saddle and seat height adjusted. This will make the cycling shorts more comfortable and act as a preventative measure against chafing in the future. After getting fitted with a well-adjusted bike, it's time to consider buying some high quality shorts. They need to fit well, too--not only should they be snug but they should also have an elastic waistband that doesn't irritate your skin throughout your ride. Another tip: use chamois cream! It helps soothe your skin during rides and prevents rubbing injuries if you decide to take on a long distance ride one day. Lastly, remember that taking breaks is essential, it'll help keep you from becoming sore or injured from being in the same position for too long.


Selecting the best cycling shorts for you can be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. Whether you are looking for comfort or maximum performance, there's a pair of cycling shorts that will fit your needs. Before you buy, remember that different styles and brands cater to different body types. Some cyclists prefer padded shorts for long rides, while others need more breathable fabrics for hot summer days. Whatever your preference is, make sure the shorts you buy fit snugly against your skin so they don't bunch up during rides. The most important thing is choosing a pair of cycling shorts that will make you feel confident while riding.

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