The Newmar Dutch Star

Newmar Dutch Star

Newmar Dutch Star

Thanks to the advanced technology of their 2022 diesel and luxury models, your next RV could offer a more comfort-driven and efficient driving experience, with help from an intelligent steering system that reduces frictions by adapting to your inputs, or a tag axle chassis that assists steering, as well as reducing tire scrub wear over time. Every Newmar diesel and luxury model will offer Passive Steer and Comfort Drive™, combining to deliver simple, responsive steering that reduces strain and makes your drive smoother and more enjoyable.

Welcome to the world of Comfort Drive™ steering from Newmar. This innovative steering system provides you with a vehicle that not only steers more easily and securely than traditional designs, but also requires much less work on your part. By adapting to your inputs in real time, this intelligent system helps you steer more efficiently by eliminating friction. Whether you are navigating sharp corners or a long driveway, you can find more control and comfort with this revolutionary technology.

Cooking area?

Whether you’re a new-school griller or prefer the tried-and-true goodness of charcoal, the dutch star has a cooking system that will deliver balanced flavor and easy operation all year round. It even offers a propane by-the-pound option for when you have only the faintest, whiffiest memory of the remaining propane in your tank.


The Newmar Dutch Star is a luxury coach that has all of the space, features and amenities you want in your next RV. From the legendary chassis and engineering of Ford, Freightliner Custom Chassis and Spartan Motors, to the industry-leading quality of Newmar, you can travel from Florida to Alaska with complete confidence in your motorhome.

Be sure to consider the Newmar STAR foundation. A precisely engineered chassis specifically designed to improve chassis strength and durability while delivering a ride that is both quiet and stable. A quiet and stable ride is important to you, especially when traveling with your family. To ensure they have met certain quality goals, Newmar uses a Ford, Freightliner Custom Chassis and Spartan Motors as their chassis manufacturers.

The STAR Foundation utilizes innovative transverse-mounted shock absorbers that transfer the road shocks directly to the chassis, reducing the energy transferred to the coach. This improves ride quality while lowering fuel and maintenance costs, which are more noticeable in an RV than in a traditional vehicle.

Interior comfort

Newmar Dutch Star interior

With Total Comfort, a Newmar-exclusive central air system, you take full control of your in-coach environment. This intelligent climate control system uses the power of both incoming and outgoing air to effectively cool your coach down fast. And with multiple vents and returns strategically placed throughout each coach, it creates a true central air effect, perfect for any season.

Equipped with an intelligent climate control system, your Newmar Dutch Star motorhome will make it easy to be comfortable all year long. Designed to fit the unique way you live and travel, Newmar’s Total Comfort™ central air keeps you comfortable without creating a stuffy environment or wasting energy. The Total Comfort™ system uses a programmable thermostat and strategically placed vents and returns to create a constant circulation that manages both cool air intake and warm air removal.


Welcome to the beautiful Newmar Dutch Star 36D! This RV combines luxurious travel with all the practical aspects of a travel trailer. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a flexible floor plan give ample accommodations for up to six people. The stunning exterior features High-Gloss Colors, chrome accents and Premium Full-Paint Masterpiece Finish. You'll enjoy traveling from state to state in style with the luxury features of your 36D, including a rubber roof, Outside Speakers and Auto Step System.

Featuring one of the most innovative floorplans in the industry, the Newmar Dutch Star combines luxury with functionality to transform your RV experience. Combining ergonomics and storage with a full-paint masterpiece finish make for an experience like no other! By combining innovative features with an already comprehensive list of standard upgrades, you'll have options that match your lifestyle. With over 2,000 possible upgrade choices available-including 18 paint colors-there's sure to be a Dutch Star just right for you.

Haul the whole family, their friends, and all of their toys with the Dutch Star Motorcoach by Newmar RV. The Crown Jewel of the fleet features a spacious interior with plenty of storage compartments for all of your gear. Optional extra features include in-floor storage trays, a patio hamock with privacy shades, and more.

Floor Plans

Here are 4 different examples of floorplans avaialable.

Newmar Dutch Star floor plans

The Nemar Dutch Star is one of the most popular travel trailers that Fifth Wheel King offers. It is the perfect solution for a couple who wants to enjoy their time in the great outdoors. There are some things that need to be considered, but with proper preparation by the owner, you can explore rural America and get away from it all in this great RV.

60 Amps

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