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50 amp rv plug

If you’re an RV owner, then you’re probably aware of how important it is to have a good 50-amp RV plug. As with any product, there are many options out there and choosing the right one can be difficult. But we’ve done our research so that you don’t have to! We found that many other products on the market just don't cut it when it comes to protecting your device from power surges and voltage spikes or improving its overall performance in different circumstances. That's why we created this guide: so that you can find the top 50-amp RV plugs on the market today.

If this sounds like something important for your life as an RV owner, keep reading below where I'll go over everything from installation tips through maintenance recommendations after using these accessories for years at home or on vacation (or both).

What is an rv plug?

A plug is a connector that allows you to connect to an electric power source. The plug head, or male end of the plug, connects with the receptacle, or female end of the receptacle.

What to know before buying a 50-amp RV plug?

StayWhen you're choosing a 50-amp RV plug, there are some things to consider. First and foremost, it's important to know what all the features mean so you can find the right one for your needs.

You'll need to consider:
  • How many amps do I need?
  • The first thing to look at when determining how many amps your RV needs is the size of your generator. The generator provides electricity for everything in the RV. The more electricity it has available, the more appliances you can use at one time without overloading them. Therefore, a larger generator equals more amps needed.

    If your generator is rated at 2300 watts and you only plan on using one 1200 watt appliance at a time then 2300/1200=2 amps per item used. If two items are used simultaneously then 4 amps are required (2 items x 2 amps).

  • How many circuits do I need?
  • It depends on how many items you want to plug in at once. Each circuit has two prongs on it and is designed to handle one device, so if you have more than one item plugged into a circuit, that means that other devices won't work properly or at all. If there are too many things on one circuit, they will trip breakers or cause a fire hazard.

  • What type of wiring does my rig have?
  • If your rig has 12-volt DC power (like most RVs), then it likely has "circuit breakers" rather than fuses and will not have 110 volt AC power available for outlets. If your rig does not have 110 volt AC power and does not have circuit breakers then it most likely has fuses instead of circuit breakers and therefore does not have 110 volt AC power available for outlets.

    If you're planning to do any serious RVing, you'll need to know how to hook up an RV power cord. An RV plug is a unique type of electrical outlet that you'll find in any campground or marina. It's different from a standard outlet in several ways, but most importantly, it's capable of providing plenty of power for your rig's many appliances and accessories.

Here are the 5 best 50 amp rv plugs you can buy

  1. Miady 50AMP RV Replacement Male Plug with Easy Unplug Design
  2. Miady 50AMP RV Replacement Male Plug

    This RV Replacement Male Plug is a perfect replacement for your old or damaged cord. This plug is perfect replacement of the old one, fits to replace the male plug of your 10-4 gauge wires extension cord of 50Amp RV, Camper and Trailer. Made from well-conductive copper parts and ABS plastic construction, our plug is nearly indestructible. Built with rubber bushing inside, it will adjust the tightness of different gauge cords, sealed from moisture to some extent.

  3. RVGUARD 50 Amp to 30 Amp RV Adapter Cord

  4. RVGUARD 50 Amp to 30 Amp RV Adapter Cord

    The RVGuard 50 Amp to 30 Amp RV Adapter Cord is a must-have for any power-craving RV owner. This adapter cord features a wide range of use and is useful for plugging in equipment or refilling propane tanks at different campgrounds. The 50A male to 30A female adapter allows you to simply convert the power at campground to fit for your 30A RV, making it convenient to connect. Constructed with 10/3 gauge wires, this adapter cord with LED power indicator safely carries 125V and 3750W power allowing you to use all types of equipment without damaging any part of the cord. The heavy duty flame retardant, UV-resistant polyvinyl plastic sleeve serves as protection from outdoor elements and wear and tear while still maintaining flexibility. An easy disconnect handle makes unplugging easy without damaging the cable so you can make quick work of setting up camp as well as packing up and heading home.

  5. Snowy Fox RV 50 Amp Male Replacement Plug Heavy Duty with Ergonomic Grip Handle

  6. Snowy Fox RV 50 Amp Male Replacement Plug

    Looking for a replacement RV plug for your rv, caravan, motor home or camper? This heavy duty 50 amp male female pug is perfect for any RV and you can use it in other heavy duty appliances. Adopts well-conductive copper pin and flame retardant ABS plastic housing, with strain relief clip and bushing to fix the cord, more stable and safer wire connection! Designed of ergonomic grip handle on the back, makes it easier to plug-in and unplug. Comes with a clear and easy-enough instructions for simple installation.

  7. ELEGRP NEMA 14-30P & NEMA 14-50P Plug

    ELEGRP NEMA 14-30P & NEMA 14-50P Plug
  8. This is a combination NEMA 14-30P and 14-50P plug. It is suitable for use with 30/50 Amp heavy duty appliances. The solid thermoplastic shell provides high impact resistance and large brass contacts produce superior contact pressure. Large and brass contacts produce superior contact pressure that results in outstanding conductivity.

    This product is suitable for use with household appliances with high power requirements, such as dryers, freezers, cook tops and ranges.

  9. Camco PowerGrip Replacement Plug- Transform your RV Plug into a Safe and Durable PowerGrip Cord 50 AMP

  10. ELEGRP NEMA 14-30P & NEMA 14-50P Plug

    The Camco PowerGrip Replacement Plug is designed to replace the male end of a 50 Amp RV cable. Accepts 10 to 4 gauge wires. The replacement plug housing is constructed of UV resistant Polycarbonate and high quality components for the highest durability and weather resistance. Listed with CSA. The cord is rated for 50 Amp - 125/250 Volts, so it can easily be used in other electrical projects as well. Most importantly, it has a patented PowerGrip handle that eliminates frustration by assisting users in safely and conveniently gripping, plugging, and unplugging the male and female ends without straining or damaging the cord.


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What's the cost of a 50-amp rv plug?

The price of a 50-amp RV plug range from $100 to $300, which is much less expensive than installing a new home for your RV. The cost of installing and maintaining this system depends on the type of plug you choose. If you get an aftermarket plug, it will cost you around $100 to install it yourself or have someone from the dealership do it for about half that price. You can also get a hardwired system that includes everything needed for installation in one package for about $600-$700 or hire an electrician do the job for about two thirds that amount.

Does a 50-amp rv plug replace an extension cord?

You can plug an extension cord into a 50-amp RV plug, but you should never use an extension cord for powering your RV. This is because it's illegal to use a power cord longer than 25 feet and because standard extension cords are not designed to handle the high current of a 50-amp RV plug.

As mentioned above, the difference between 30-amp and 50-amp plugs is that 30-amp plugs have three prongs (two hot legs plus ground), while 50-amps have four prongs (three hot legs plus ground). The last thing we want to do is confuse our readers with an overload of technical terms like "hot leg" or "ground" so let's break down what these mean in plain English:

  • Hot leg: This refers to one of two wires that make contact with an electrical outlet when you plug something in. That means there are only two hot legs on any given outlet regardless of whether it's rated as 15 amps or 50 amps; one wire provides 120 volts while another provides 240 volts on each hot leg respectively
  • Ground: This refers to the third wire found inside most outlets which connects all three heaters together and acts as reference point for other connections within a system.


Now that you've read this article, you know how to find an RV plug and what to look for in a 50-amp plug. The products listed are the best on the market because they're durable, easy to use and will last for years. When shopping for a new 50-amp plug, keep these tips in mind:

  • Buy from a trusted manufacturer. There are many knockoffs out there that won't last long before breaking down or failing to work as advertised. Avoid these at all costs!
  • Find something with good reviews from other customers who have used them before so there's no doubt it's going work well for you too!
  • Always check what voltage level your circuit breaker is rated at before making any purchases as some models require 120v while others need 240v or 120/240V which is usually called "dual voltage".

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